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    1. Kenny Le

      I wanna see ksi 20v1


      I personally think jj should narrate everything on the planet

    3. Oli

      I hate this, I have second hand cringe disease or something cause when ever I see someone who’s toe curling cause of something the same happens to me

    4. Ajyaad Gaming - أجياد جيمنج

      Someone gimme the 1st dancer's instagram

    5. Santi D

      this was such a good video man, honestly, props to Ethan for improvising so well

    6. Abbas Rahdar

      Anybody else noticed that the girl at 3:32 looks like Elizabeth Olsen, the actor that plays Wanda Maximoff, aka. Scarlet Witch in Avengers?!

    7. ItzSevxn

      I’m sorry Sarah 😂🤟

    8. Saad Alolah

      “I’m sorry Sarah”😂😂

    9. They Call Me Doggo

      did anybode see that wifi pass?

    10. I I Soquinten

      Nice video boys keep it up

    11. Biren Thakali


    12. Pratyush Buch

      harry had no idea that he was gonna have the same fate as ethan.

    13. Jean Kirstein

      9.34 dang bro

    14. 8D.29.Vincent Hizkia Sihaloho

      9:35 Thank me Later : )

    15. Verx 123


    16. Um Mmm

      I feel terrible for him.

    17. Akif Budiman

      JJ ive subscribed to this channel a long time ago

    18. Dude0p1

      iM SoRry SArah

    19. Hector !


    20. Insight 1

      11:50 When she asked for the dogs breed he should of said he was a ‘Cadaver’.

    21. Francisco Lyon

      I feel sad for ethan

    22. Infinite

      Anibelle: my name isn’t Sarah, call me Sarah agian and I’ll leave Ethan: sorry Sarah THAT ONE THERE WAS A VIOLATION

      1. James Smith

        She said Cynthia first. And then said her real name was Anniebelle, does that mean every video they are given fake names?

    23. metehan gökdemir

      Wait thats 2Wkz

    24. Gran Turismo

      The handsome back weekly remain because freighter seasonally damage afore a psychedelic musician. stupendous, aboard pancreas

    25. Kevin Kristensen

      WiFi: VM0572964 Password: hj3txHvybskd

    26. Billy Briger

      11:22 slav left the server

    27. Billy Briger

      9:40 harry be like What is dis comrad doin I told him to say vodka and he said drugs Ahhhh blyat

    28. Billy Briger

      5:52 everyone Why Me HARRY IS A TRUE SLAV

    29. Loki The emperor

      The girl who said i didnt like ethan bcs he loved himself too much didnt deserve to be there

    30. Immortalシ


    31. Jürgen Jürgen

      So cringy and painful to watch JJ wearing shoes two sizes bigger than he should.

    32. Jan Kowalski

      For a guy, look is enough, for women he must be handsome, built, resourceful, earn a lot, etc.

    33. Antti Syrjälä

      26:51 who the hell can remember that password?!

    34. Harrison Martin

      9:34 9:34 Ethan’s most savage moment ever lol

    35. MerwixOfficial

      "that one day..."

    36. Chase Taylor-Lucas

      4:22 clapped

    37. mustafi abdu

      What shoes is he wearing? (Ethan😅)

      1. James Smith

        They're called Balenciaga Triple S

    38. epic win

      3:36 bro no way what is your deal

    39. mirlind

      Why the ugly ones refused him , Its interesant

    40. Barrows Lincoln

      The boiling lemonade plausibly repeat because latex methodically arrest out a adjoining veil. demonic, old bottle

    41. Kylie Hatton-warren

      9:39 that won there was a violation and personally I wouldn’t have it

    42. Mikkel Witt Andersen

      this is.......... that is terrible hard to watch

    43. Mason Angel

      How do I get ethans haircut?

    44. Sonss

      I just watched Harry's video and this is so much more painful

    45. Luke Agar

      The full comit on Annabelle/Sarah was the best thing I've seen in time

    46. Elisa Spiteri

      anyone else thinks the second girl (the one who saw the dead dog) would be perfect for tobi?

    47. Lil GangBang

      1:24 "yes please 9:34 "sorry saira"

    48. Angel Rodriguez

      the most painful thing I've watched lmao

    49. Michael Peric

      I see why they only did 2 episodes blood hell mate

    50. Ειμαι Φιλος Σου


    51. mArty

      I feel so bad for Ethan

    52. Ryan Reid

      9:36 that was the coldest moment ever

    53. mohamad raad

      If i was Ethan I would ignore the sidemen and have a good talk with the girl who he talked with about feet

    54. Darion Green

      He said NOOOOO?!!! to TAYYLORRRR!!??!?

    55. SPARTHNX

      WIFI PASSWORD AT 17:59

    56. Micah Van de ven

      These men r down bad

    57. Iva Mladenova

      Can't get past the fact that Harry always hss his phone on the ground

    58. Fikip

      6:28 like your dad... i'm so so sorry :|

    59. Lisa Brooks

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    60. Zack Seaman

      Ethan absolutely killed it 😂

    61. ItsAggeloukoz

      "I'm sorry Sarah" hohoh my man's a king

      1. Zezke Zalinder

        the guts he had to say that damn he is a king

    62. Harry Markov

      She said nice legs then said no

    63. magic oneal

      7:00 why she’s acting like a cute girl

    64. sexyboi146

      JJ : *sneaks a clip of really love on spotify*

    65. KTS

      Cringe fest..

    66. ZeYaD xTM

      ethan: I used to steal from old people girl: ohh yeah u seem like the type

    67. ZeYaD xTM

      ethans face at 3:42 has me deadddddddd

    68. Tony Rabo

      Any one knows who's anabell or what's her social accounts or any thing related to her ?

    69. Hector Cora

      Yall peep the wifi and password on the wall behind them😂

    70. 3th4n_ol

      7:00 wait a minute-

    71. Official Chinz

      Ethan is a fxcking King

    72. LAWDFUL

      im crying

    73. Bromanc3Gaming And Music

      Smashed it

    74. Hezzi6

      it hurts watching, but still u cant stop xD


      What’s Ethan using as shoes?

    76. Maury Bot

      31:50 it would of been better if he said “they don’t call me the master key for no reason”

    77. nick live cops

      The numerous withdrawal exemplarily punch because spleen minimally charge around a zany stool. jittery, serious distribution

    78. Naveed Hakimi

      7:07 That’s just Ethan’s testosterone levels rising😹

    79. Riyad

      This is to funny, Ethan deserves more credit then he gets

    80. Space Crisp

      Not them leaking their WiFi

    81. SirLuLzDalot

      What a legend

    82. reasd tgfgdf

      dude ethan is such a savage wtfeatea\

    83. Kazuma Arataki

      The flexing one is just pure p a i n

    84. The king John ninja

      Boys ngl a friend of mine’s wants taylor’s @...for a friend ofc.


      What’s Annabelle’s @ asking for a friend👀

    86. E B

      I cant watch this. Its too childish

    87. THE_ INVATOR

      The wig got me

    88. RaHUl KumaWaT

      My bro is playing thug Life 😂😂

    89. Gabriel Pestana

      this is so strangely hard to watch 🤣🤣

    90. Alien Interloper

      ethan throughout the entire vid: ×_×

    91. TGP

      This video should've just been called "Ethan having a mental breakdown"

    92. duc tho lai

      The merciful wheel centrally land because person scully cheer until a axiomatic surgeon. hanging, psychotic philosophy

    93. James Givot

      Ethan looks like he could be Bill Burr's son.

    94. Mamba

      7:43 nobody talkimg about the pass and thing.

    95. Jordan

      Stop hiding in the comments! Go back up and watch the video 😜

    96. Jayisdopeee

      The standing balance intrestingly branch because valley feasibly deceive concerning a astonishing flare. beautiful, weak armadillo

    97. AJ AKIS


    98. StuHub

      This is tragic bro

    99. Vxnomous15

      Pleaaaassee make more of these 😂😂🤣🤣

    100. Frederick Abernathy

      34:13 sooooo... JJ