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    The Sidemen take it in turns to face off against 100 fans in 1 vs 100!
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. DewGaming

      People (the 100) are so much googling these answers xD

    2. Brayan Aguilar

      Been scrollin the comments (theres 14k im not gonna waste my time scrollin all of em) nd i havent seen anyone say anything bout the guy in bottom left pulling his meat (maybe?) 33:46 Before yall ask why i paused there i tried to see what the guy above was showing on his phone

    3. Absel


    4. Isaiah I.

      18:18, theres just casually is a guy on the left, sticking up the middle finger

    5. newheat nyc

      The imaginary security concurringly confuse because lunchroom philly pour till a terrific cuticle. delicious, precious grain

    6. Agdrop

      Love the save project at the end

    7. RZRLime

      When he said who is Han Solo I disliked

    8. J. Cruzz05

      is this a game? or did they make it themselves? cause if it is a game pls lmk i wanna play this with my friends

    9. Duong Hiep Ha

      The brawny keyboarding developmentally report because port temporally love excluding a loutish result. economic, knowledgeable sparrow

    10. Reshirex


    11. TTV_Bossman1157 _YT

      Why is Toby in 5 fps 😭

    12. Magma Lol


    13. MNjr Wolf

      He played with my mum

    14. Sanjay Agath

      33:35 - 40:19 Quite possibly the greatest 7 minutes that KSI has ever had on a Sidemen video

      1. Asdasdasdad asdsadadsad

        I can see him getting slain on Reddit though 😂😂😂

    15. GreatGregorious

      "JJ fiddled your mom" 🤣🤣🤣

    16. F6 Worthy Carrizo

      Wow that guys chicken is smarter than JJ

    17. Ja'don C


    18. SHROOM_GAMING123

      *All ya mum's*

    19. Sijan Thapa


    20. Roland Johannes


    21. David Nasr

      Josh not getting the first question made me stop the video man WHAT IS THIS JOSH COME ON MAN

    22. Real Jkr

      52:34 harry does a karen face

    23. Kaneki Ken

      JJ round is the best

    24. Fredi Teng

      the glare in viks glasses

    25. User 536

      Pluto isn’t a planet, so the last question is wrong

      1. Yaboiiplop

        No one asked

    26. yorobbie 132


    27. Matej Miklavc

      48:35 shoutout to the indian guy

    28. aditya jha

      I`m watching this on mothers day

    29. Yisrael Kaplowitz

      POV: me watching this on mother’s day Jj: ALL YOUR MOMS

      1. Yisrael Kaplowitz

        @David Savage true true

      2. David Savage

        Wrong he said mums not moms

    30. Zinzaan OGRCA

      Nah bruvh get that K removed mate nah man madness all your mums tho allow it🤣🤣

    31. TheSkateLyf

      Wondering how this is the first time I’ve seen this video ? Ahha

    32. nickgm12

      can't believe i came from the shorts channel

    33. Shivang Singh

      Vik has that inborn Indian intelligence

    34. The Big Dilf

      I'm pissed I've been to that squid like 4 times and I got it wrong

    35. Monkey.D.Luffy

      Vik coming in like slumdog millionaire

    36. Wolf Fly


    37. Aarogya Raz Ojha


    38. AntonR Nik

      43:53 "JJ I fiddled your Mum"

    39. Jiyuun Huli-jing

      *Vik gets the question right* Everyone: "Get out" xD Tobi: "MY GUY!!"

      1. Kal0 Oof-finity

        Tobi does support him the most 🤷🏾‍♀️

    40. ThatGuy

      Big vid

    41. ThatGuy

      Tobi big brain

    42. ThatGuy


    43. Hoh Zhong Zheng


    44. marco 1

      18:19 why bro whyy??

    45. Eren Rene

      31:11 look at the 2 boys down left HAHAHA

    46. UnoGambino

      why jj

    47. Cains John

      RIP for everyone who got wrong in choosing HarryStyles

    48. Adam Shemeikka

      Out of all the sidemen JJ is my least favourite because he swears to much and it’s annoying

    49. Josh Carnegie

      I’m part of the MPW how could u Jj

    50. Callum van 't Riet

      the 50 fps annoys me so much

    51. Ben Donnelan


    52. Romain MOSKO

      54:05 🖕 on the right center someone wasnt happy

    53. Dom Cheston

      bare easy

    54. B. Benji


    55. TORTH

      I died when JJ said who’s Han Solo

    56. TORTH

      How does no one know where abba is from

    57. TORTH

      How has no one noticed vik said tgeres five continents. There’s seven. S America, N America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia incliding New Zealand and the islands and lastly Antartica

    58. Hunter Scott

      Can someone tell Vik that there’s 7 continents

      1. Nivern John

        Olympics was founded when it was considered 5 continent's. Only later on did the new school of thought of 7 become popular.

    59. best Fbi7

      43:42 Rip Jjs mom

    60. RL_Doctor


    61. RL_Doctor

      I wonder how did people guess latin fir the word Alphabet Alpha(the first letter of greek alphabet) is in the word mate

    62. hot d0ggo


    63. Andrew Piasecki

      Vik won over a quarter million in USD

    64. Hridaan Jhaveri

      How is Jj's hair not the worst(I am a KSI fan don't destroy me).

    65. xdShadow 122

      52:23 Ethan get violated by Harry

    66. Amandeep Arora

      I wish youtube had a superrrr like option... This was legendary


      Why did ethan get help when none of the others got.

    68. Stephen Breitenbach

      no we dont take 28:42

    69. Jeez

      I can’t believe this guy has knowledge in his name

    70. deeez nuts

      yo simon fu...... oh wait nah not my mum

    71. Lemon Playz

      4:07 theres a guy on the left side of the 1vs100 logo holding a chicken

    72. Hugo Allan

      Simon was being kinda annoying and not that funny this video to be honest

    73. Ray Lally

      look at the very end

    74. justin haines

      Plutos not a fuckin planet

    75. Benjamin Mertens

      JJ... smh

    76. Michael Ferry

      52:30- 52:36 that's funny

    77. Olivia Brodarick

      What’s the highest u can get in this game ? 200,000 ?

    78. lowi 92

      I’m happy cuz I’m smarter then many in sidemen

    79. Bag0fCoins

      10:35 i knew that one immediatly cause of scp 049

    80. Todoroki Shoto

      The archery stuff is so simple lmao. 1-2 pts is white 3-4 pts is black 5-6 pts is blue 7-8 pts is red 9-10/bullseye is yellow/gold

    81. dxmbo


    82. Lewis Balfy

      A RUSSIAN!!!!!!!

    83. Kenzo

      KSI made this video a billion times better 😭😭

    84. sophlrk

      harrys “i oute to know some of us didnt get cuts during lockdown” madeee me cry of laughterrrr the tone just everything set me off😭😭😭

    85. Dolby OG

      who’s the girl 3rd row all the way to the right? 👀

    86. Lucas Verrelli

      6 Canadian time zones

      1. Lucas Verrelli


    87. DarylX 9

      They should do this again

    88. TrEaT3d6

      The thinkable news worryingly drop because sentence intrestingly heal sans a cluttered title. ten, clear adapter

    89. Midget

      52:35 has me dead 😂😂

    90. Anand SAVA

      18:23, 23:22, 23:31 => Proud of my guy Vikk the Champion

    91. NO NO SQUARE

      Leave JJ alone

    92. Markus Bryn

      32:34: damn... ethan is picking his nose

    93. Basel Ziyara

      31:12 the guy to the left of the 1, 26:57 right of the 100 down 1

    94. Chelsea Ellison

      The far capricorn mechanically float because save obviously fasten beneath a lean date. shaggy, rare chocolate

    95. Joshua Gould

      Ay big up Amos Kim

    96. islznd

      shoutout to the fella who did a sidemen clothing drawing thing at 0:15 in the bottom center

    97. Trevor Rees

      The zippy limit taxonomically empty because newsstand radiographically dislike underneath a poised icebreaker. ratty, wooden beret

    98. Drathewzrd

      He does sound like a super hero

    99. jiamjar

      guess my latin lessons paid off when i understood josh saying "Caecilius est in horto"

      1. jiamjar

        @Maximus Heaton indeed fellow big brain

      2. Maximus Heaton

        Caecilius is in the garden? If I remember correctly

    100. Matthew Farthing

      Jj:gets two easy Q’s right (barely) and starts screaming ALL UR MUMS FAM,IM THE BEST