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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
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    1. Abdullah Hashim

      Notice Simon wearing the same shoes that Tobi gave him in the 24 hours, 24 presents video!

    2. phantom mohawk

      Prisoners dillemma

    3. EliteHitmarkers

      Right when Ksi said he had 100k I already knew he was lying.

    4. Deadshot_isac

      On the Reddit after jj hates Indians part 2

    5. KP

      Vik came out the real winner of this 😂

    6. suja kuruvilla

      I searched up 'Snake' and this came up lmfao

    7. Philip

      Knew harry had it, he was so calm

    8. Rebecca Rokocibi

      still can't believe JJ Olatunji did that to Vik

    9. some dude

      I would’ve steeled tbh (if I was in Vick’s place) if I can’t have it no one can and I’ll just go home knowing no one won anything and act like nothing happened

    10. ShreyXMusic

      Noone's appreciating How Good JJ played the game !

      1. gloria borger

        He fragged out!

    11. Haziq Ahmad

      Fam vik poor guy

    12. Devour_ Jason

      nah man that was disrespectful soory vik:(

    13. Isabel Jenkins

      When Vik said "At least someone got the money" broke me😭❤️

    14. Julie Moore


    15. Eatmy pill

      JJ was all snake no ladders

    16. Simon Fan

      K.S.I Killer Snake Impostor

    17. Abid Hussain

      Perfect example of “I’ve won, but at what cost?”

    18. shema Alh

      so much love for vik;(

    19. Its_ Lucky

      Vik is literary a positive angel from heaven

    20. Lil_kay1337

      Anyone see how on the thumbnail the black guy is the stealer

    21. Fusion

      i am so sorry for vikk tbh

    22. Mr. Wahmen Respek


    23. Alex Mercer

      This made me respect Vikk more than before... He is too pure.

    24. Bifftar

      He wanted to call him a n-word so bad

    25. Viper [XMORTAL]

      The guy who has a net worth of 22 mil does this cheap act

    26. Viper [XMORTAL]

      JJ god damn snake

    27. Lukas Sandor

      Well played for jj tho👏

    28. TSMentALFA

      10 Mil Views Hit!🥳

    29. The life and times of Lily

      When watching this video go watch the among us in real life video, vik gets his revenge "split or steal b!+ch"

    30. colb748

      what a fking snake

    31. StarKay_Gaming

      would have been funny if he said the code was fatneek

    32. Light

      45:39 that fake smile Destroy my heart😢

    33. Hai Nam Nguyen

      What a game

    34. Timmeh


    35. Naruto Uzumaki

      45:50 I exactly know that face of vik had it a lot 😪

    36. Bokang Lekganyane

      Josh new from the beginning 💀

    37. Moon

      Can we just say something? If vik voted out jj theyre were two 31gs with harry so they had a chance of getting 150k and im pretty sure harry would split he always picks the safest bet so they couldve had 75k each

    38. Selen Mehmet

      I played this game

    39. Tea Data



      Watch Tobis first bit with ur eyes closed

    41. Tomja

      KSI should make a new song called 'sorry for snakin'

    42. 남김용권

      The smooth rooster secondly breathe because gauge immunochemically level amidst a reminiscent train. nonstop, entertaining streetcar

    43. Shin toe

      The scattered italian lily pull because plough supply cure alongside a irate fountain. grumpy, silky gander

    44. TheBelugaWhale

      Moral of the story never trust JJ

    45. Ichcube

      34:30 Vik kinda sus for that

    46. Coldside

      0:16 KSI?

    47. Amanda Haywood


    48. Amanda Haywood


    49. Amanda Haywood


    50. rahmanx.77

      Dont trust JJ😖😖😖😭

    51. impassionate soul

      JJ is a snake

    52. Owen Rowlands

      8 feel SObad for vik

    53. Oscar Shorthose

      We want split or steal two

    54. hey hey

      JJ: Why does the reddit bully me 😢 *JJ*

    55. Travis Leet

      Vik 999 juice wrld

    56. Emily Stansfield

      Huh do they actually win the money? I’m confused...

    57. N.B

      To be honest, Harry would’ve done the same thing JJ did

    58. Teo Georgive

      JJ is just so greedy they could have gotten 465000 but nope

    59. zoy fattay


    60. MoGoSlow

      Them ball thought

    61. purpl

      part 2 please

    62. q0qcky

      he used knowledge throughout the game but had no integrity by the end of it.

    63. Karamjit Kang

      vik got plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed so hard!!!!

    64. Aidan Newey

      this just made me so mad

    65. Ashraf Ahmed

      It’s the fact that Vik doesn’t care about the money, he cares about jj’s trust in picking split and jj didn’t pick split.

      1. Ashraf Ahmed

        @Zakariyya Randeree 😑

      2. Zakariyya Randeree

        There was no real money involved

      3. Skippy Moz

        That’s literally second to top post

    66. William Ledbetter


    67. Vidula Godhamgaonkar

      37:06 Look how shocked Ethan is

    68. Kaspars Norbertons

      KSI now means Kraykeey snake innit

    69. Health with Charles

      Does this remind anyone else of that CBBC show. That was horrible history's but they had to do challenges and they got balls and had to open them up? Sorry I didn't explain it very well but if u know u know 😂

    70. Beau And Ellis Montages

      8:28 so does Simon lmao 😂

    71. mason h446

      Ok boys so who trusted JJ that whole time I never would have I knew he was lying that whole time

    72. Liam Mannell

      Bruh I searched up “Jj snake” and this came up lmfao. Perfect

    73. Dan

      Just to clarify the money they get from the gameshows isnt real? They dont actually win that money do they

      1. Owen Walker

        doubt they do, its not like a mr beast challenge

    74. Donathan Sally


    75. XxSickBoixX

      integrity means honesty: JJ: me split yh yh 100%

    76. marcel. fma


    77. L xiff

      Yo jj said he got 42069

    78. Marin McKinney

      48:minutes of grown men yelling

    79. David Ellison

      I want them to do another one of these with Ethan 😂

    80. Katchi


    81. Eric Guest

      This is the only time JJ had knowledge but sacrificed integrity.

    82. scrambled egg gaming

      KSI: "I AINT LIYING NO KILLERS NO KILLERS Everyone else: "Ok but..."

    83. Bassam Alshaban

      5 people ,1 witness and a lawyer having a conversation about money

    84. Pako Nage

      Wow 😂ppl relax they both rich

    85. Antti Syrjälä

      Ethan out here role-playing as his dad.

    86. Alex S.

      This was exciting af

    87. Montasser Zaki

      i love how in the begining JJ said that he was going to take all money

    88. Vue X4

      JJ the fat sneek

    89. Cobretti Anderson

      Find the six 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999969999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

      1. Cobretti Anderson

        @Carol Bayasca bro u suck

      2. Carol Bayasca

        Nobody cares.

    90. P3eqo

      I wouldn’t forgive ksi abt that, I just couldn’t

    91. mariocrazyman

      I the only one that enjoyed KSI winning over Vik? I mean they're both rich lol

    92. Daizy Donut

      I knew it was Harry because when Simon said they would reveal who lied he said oh no

    93. ItzLemonyMC

      Wy in the final is vis nose so big from a sideways veiw

    94. hich ka

      Satanic numbers

    95. Viksata 1379

      JJ choses money over friends. Nice one XD

      1. Unknown User

        Nah it was for content he knew that would cause controversy and get more views

    96. Abdulrazaq Alshaikh


    97. vedu.06

      Love how Tobi called JJ a snake.

    98. Liner _s

      The pain in viks eyes

    99. Connor Hussey

      Understand JJ is the “dumb one” this man just outplayed the whole lot

    100. Rezgar Qado

      Vik when he gets home 😢😢