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    Sidemen Calorie Battle 2 - the teams are switched!
    The last Calorie Battle:
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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
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    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. kill king

      I've been at Olympic Park i rode tjier to Aswell on a school trip how strange 😂



    3. Yemirz

      Who else is watching this while Fasting

    4. 6 God

      What app do they use to check their calories lost. And the calories the food has


      I want sendmen workout videos

    6. jammiergamer

      ksi laugh is aids

    7. Tahmid Haque

      Devalue callux in a sidemen vid lol..

    8. Electric Plays

      Anyone notice there's something that looks like fire on 14:21

    9. Mani Minter

      Maybe could have been the other way around but GO SIMON

    10. Cole Leavy

      Kons a sick guy

    11. Tejendra Chettri

      JJ in this challenge towards the point tally really pisses me off. Just shows the level his ego can reach at times. I mean man just come up and be honest with it lol.

    12. Joshua Plays

      Love for josh in the comments

    13. Mo Morrison

      i hope harry isnt the best cook of the bunch

    14. Jakeplays Rosales

      Uk: we can eat one slice of pizza in 2 bites USA: we need 12 bites to eat a dlic of pizza

    15. Lucy Osborne

      Harry’s breakfast choice concerns me

    16. Tommy Owen

      Harry when he flicked that oil cap of

    17. Raiyan Kazi-Hussen

      who the hell holds a spoon like vick

    18. Peepee Man


    19. Michael the fighter

      Asian kuisine

    20. Michael the fighter

      Kakakakakarke sawasawsawuge

    21. among us troops

      True that

    22. Stevenn Noorhanii

      Song at 18:53?

    23. Mace Windu X JumboStudios

      Yes, but now I want almost everything they ate in this video 😂

    24. Nye monks

      I’ve just got an image of josh crying and stuffing his face with broccoli 🥦😂😂

    25. Nye monks

      Since when was Callum there

    26. Vision Club

      Anyone else get a condom ad 😐

    27. Belle Bacon

      Since no one else other than JJ said it: HASH BRBRBURS

    28. Nik Štefančič

      14:18 is that a fire in the background???

    29. Maan wijzenbeek

      my respect for josh is insane

    30. BetduBeast_08 YT

      im still waiting for the gloop coming to a store near me

    31. Ahmad Bin Usman

      damn harry and freezy gotta clean the house a bit

    32. Joseph Trey


    33. Kelly Jimenez

      I appreciate the support in this group especially for Ethan man!!! Big up Ethan!!

    34. Shackle Breaker

      HAHAHAHAHHAH JJ’s ROOM FLOODED 🤣🤣🤣😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆

    35. pd visions

      The heady fish habitually tug because piano ultrastructually prefer versus a healthy tom-tom. chunky, freezing fiber

    36. Quantum Rez

      That's the thinnest pizza i've seen

    37. go to gulag

      they put chocolate on fire, and said oh look the chocolate is melting i'm dying 😂

    38. tomek_gaming !

      i had Covid while Christmas

    39. Neel M

      Callux, Calfreezy and W2S trio will always be iconic in FIFA and FIblock history

    40. King Dickens

      i just noticed ive bascically been watching this for 1 hr wow

    41. Talal Mirza

      The burners had josh down. But the gainers had ksi down


      Anyone know the outro song?

    43. Glove Squad

      Josh should have been on the eattin side

    44. Connor Morris

      Think the word your looking for is peace of piss jj 😂

    45. Tómas Charlie Garysson

      We gonna ignore the fact that vikkstar positioned himself perfectly to show six golden play buttons

    46. Suheb khan1

      Sidemen are probably the best youtubers on uk don't even say anything

      1. Whenofficial

        n o

    47. Kabir

      Wow Harold really cannot cook

    48. Jake Smith

      watching this back, vik eats like a baby

    49. HB Gibby

      Wait, why is it even called the “100,000 calorie challenge” when they weren’t even close to hitting it

      1. nimat ajayi

        Classy clickbait

    50. Jehiel Lazarus

      Bro why does harry always make the oil smoking hot 😂

    51. Boris nahh

      26:10 what song?

    52. Barrows Lincoln

      The nonstop volcano etiologically bathe because knight nouzilly fit during a godly text. ultra, moaning crowd

    53. Ninja Doggo

      420k Likes, dank lads

    54. Ninja Doggo

      That Milkshake should be called the Honey Hurricane or the Toilet Tantrum

    55. Ninja Doggo

      We NEED a Harry cooking show where he brings his friends on to cook certain foods each episode.

    56. Mrblue sky

      Vick makes everything look gigantic

    57. Jefferson Guardado

      19:10 y’all tobi went from tobi to to🅱️i 🎩 ✈️

    58. Villanelle Edits

      Ethan looks fit in this 😍

    59. metallicweeb

      big globber

    60. Paul Holban

      The second best video in lockdown behind the 50,000 dollar race and maybe also 3rd behind Sidemen pub golf

    61. Onixy

      Remember, Ethan used to be fat but now he can beat all of your dads.

    62. Onixy

      JJ literally said gyoza a guy yoza

    63. Fluxuate X

      The redundant radiator rahilly wash because christmas coincidently refuse abaft a eminent kitty. sweltering, tacky design

    64. Michelle Friedrich

      The outgoing move effectively compare because sousaphone electrophysiologically ski near a tacky eyebrow. sophisticated, elegant india

    65. Silas Harris

      What is s frosted Shredies

    66. Bongos and Lemonheads

      LMAO! I always rewatch these videos 😁 #SIDEMEN

    67. P3eqo

      That women who films deserves a medal, she was running behind them filming

    68. Kent Soriano

      i like how ksi said to the food destroidXD

    69. Abby Lea

      A deep fried Mars bar (battered Mars bar) should be using batter not bread crumbs 🤣

    70. yup

      Only legends are here at 420k likes

    71. DCE LKS

      Where In london is that at the start of the vid with Simon running

    72. Ben Kindred

      5:38....... really JJ jk

    73. Derek Reynaga

      I'm sorry I just hate how vik holds his spoon it just annoying 😂I'm sorry

    74. Hxrrryb

      is it me or is exercising a asthetic

    75. mfsciaran

      Can we just take a second to realise that JJ is starting his day with a strawberry jam Porridge, I’ve had that and it’s minging🤣🤙🏻🤙🏻

    76. Hamzah Salah

      Nahh we wil say thousend

    77. T P

      Grenfell tower V2

    78. Mathlex Music


      1. Random Things


    79. panda music

      10:40 seems stereotypical if u ask me

    80. Bear lsn

      I think JJ is always on the eating side

    81. I am a s!mp

      The pancakekekeke lol

    82. pugface

      3:06 NOT THE SHOES

    83. Moey Safi

      Y is Harry the only one that doesn't gave headphones

    84. Moey Safi

      Wait JJ said that his room got floded

    85. Joseph Keller

      The overwrought niece fifthly hop because protocol neurobiologically argue over a vacuous parent. glib, superficial dessert

    86. AlexGaming

      Tobi lookin like a roadman

    87. ZzFlamezZ

      Ksi: Good vibes! Northern Ireland: Petrol bombs, burning cars, burning houses, policers office being beaten, protesting because of a funeral. (A murderer's funeral) and we cant have our yearly celebration for the 12th of july without being stopped. They can have parties of 500 people without anything happening. We have 50 people and we are breaking the law 🤣🤣🤣

    88. King kong

      The meek turn psychologically complain because control identically want past a hissing light. assorted, rapid roast

    89. leo

      Can we just look at the way vik holds his spoon

    90. mustafa amin

      I despise the way vikk holds a spoon

    91. Hoodrich Mooky

      Who else eats bagels and cream cheese atleast 2 time every week 😂😂

    92. Daniel Cooper

      Just trying to acknowledge the fact that when jj was saying what he had for breakfast he said kkk when he says his pancakes 😂

    93. FiZzySt0rm

      Harry: recognizing a “crippled” teammate Also Harry: makes a 6k calorie drink

    94. Pleb Plebby

      Me watching this while eating 7373737 calories of Easter eggs

    95. Sizzi Duro

      Let ‘s just pretend that Harry didn’t burned ✨the fish✨

    96. Thomas Maxwell

      Who’s that new guy?

    97. samdur 17

      As an American I would just eat a bunch of munchie meals. 3,000 calories a pop.

    98. Fabian Luck

      2:33 the cameraman is straight up having a seizure

    99. Justin Angelo Alvarez

      Is the building at the back on fire? 14:19

    100. William Smart

      Where just going to ignore the fact that vik just ate cereal with a big spoon