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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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    1. Layal Alawi


    2. Layal Alawi

      0:14 😂😂😂

    3. Flash Ninja

      JJ when he’s taking his Jake Paul pills

    4. Pokimanelol

      It's entertaining than watching a whole movie .. SIDEMEN FOR LIFE ❣️❣️

    5. Hatdog

      29:25 Lady: Puta Madre KSI: Ohhhhh, it's really nice!!

    6. azho 67

      the purple team made a whole seth rogen movie

    7. Deffy Duck

      There's no way their whole trip was 200 😂

    8. endman 335

      1:02:43 look at Ethan’s face reacting to the video they sent😂

    9. Kate Knight

      Me just wating for jj on the plan to go " everywhere we goooo, prople wanna know who we are "

    10. F u j i t o r a, D a M o n k e

      01:05:54 look at tobis face 💀

    11. Regrets

      Anyone know the song tobi was sing at 52:57 i like it but i don't know the title.

    12. Måns Hägglöf

      Imagine doing an act of kindnesss to a couple of rich yutes

    13. Jakie boy

      I like the fact that orange team got to their destination before purple team even got to the airport 🤣

    14. Jakie boy

      Tbf josh is the true winner, he can literally be on whatever team he wants.🤣

    15. Danda Studio Sword

      I love this vid so much ❤️

    16. BobbysGameCenter

      Respect to the editor!

    17. Jack Jones

      2:00:19 why did he touch jj

    18. Hydrz fn

      It is so funny watching these please do more vids

    19. diogo solano

      fuera joh

    20. Danielle N

      This was the best thing I've watched in a long time


      If they do one of these again , they would break the internet !

    22. ella potato

      We’re literally watching a movie rn

    23. Mikayla Neu

      Sidemen $30,000 vs $300 United States Edition???? Maybe Pre-COVID but that'd be awesome!

    24. Oskar Matthäus

      This is such a fuckin feelgood

    25. Yenny Burgos


    26. Jess Barber

      Yes I want a bucket hat ehhe

    27. Almond Simon

      Fuckin hell 50 mill viewsss??? Madd


      49:07 why was that so cute lol

    29. Luca Di Rienzo

      who’s watching in April 2021

    30. Ryan Harding

      “Fam this isn’t a shower this is a car wash” 😂😂

    31. Supergoz27

      I love how Simon was apologising for copyright with wonderwall even tho oasis has broken up 😂

    32. Eliezer Lopez

      Every time they get gassed I do as well lol

    33. Mission Control [RBLX Nasa]

      i feel so bad for the black security guy following them around

    34. Old KSI Videos

      If I want to have fun I'd be on purple team but if I want to relax I'd be on orange team

    35. Spizzz

      Anyone know what the “party song” they are using is called? Love it so much but can’t find it


      Bro I don’t mind at all sitting here 2 hours and watch this.

    37. Rogues

      Where exactly in Spain did Josh etc go?

    38. KyleT0928

      I love how happy Harry, JJ and Tobi are to see Lux and Freezy at 1:37:44.

    39. Phard

      Tobi is so negative it makes me mad, Mans had no faith in anything

    40. Lucas Mantovani

      To be fair purple team rocks

    41. Rob Burnz

      sidemen aka nerds

    42. Kayleigh

      don’t get me wrong, orange holiday looked peng but purple looked so bants, idk which i’d rather

      1. Mr chicken nugget

        Thats why i go on holiday to Spain and Greece because they both look peng but the stuff u find there is fun compared to others

    43. Finbin 123

      Never seen someone so excited to see a security guard 😂😂😂

    44. Kayleigh

      crazy to see what life was like before lockdown and masks

    45. Kayleigh

      shout out to josh for that villa, jjhhhheeeeezzz

    46. Wilbur Norris

      The faces and Sounds they make in “massage time” is so weird and unnecessary

    47. Lalf 16

      So many ads

    48. Sonnybtw07

      Anyone notice the girl in orange team????

    49. Barbara Malyska

      This is like the 4th time I’m watching this again, from start to end, definitely my most favourite sidemen Sunday EVER. Shoutout josh for making this happen🙏🙏🙌👍

    50. Aleksandar C.

      me watching in 2021, jealous of both, because of the sea.

    51. Aayush Kumar

      banger vid

    52. nathan innocent


    53. yosef shaban

      there is no way that orange team only spent 20k on that trip that like 25k-30k

    54. Sebastian Valverde


    55. untheballer

      Harry is amazing bro

    56. micheal smith

      Is it just me or does the "Bad" holiday seem like the better holiday? 😂

    57. Syed M Hamza

      PART 3 PLS

    58. Noah PANAPA

      49:11 JJ is actually a genius

    59. Dank Master77

      JJ in other sidemen sundays :🙎🏾‍♂️ JJ in holiday sidemen Sundays :😀

    60. Ghost

      2:06:38 Harry is gas

    61. Sidney Norris

      Ethan always bad team Tobi always good team Ethan Brags short ginger etc Tobi Humble and just genuinely nice Ethan constantly complaining Me u know what u deserve Josh RIDDLES OF ETHANS NIGHTMARES

    62. Dj

      Purple teams trip low-key looked sick

    63. Ricky Tran

      Why calfreezy look like Marty from Madagascar??

    64. Jack Grillitsch

      Who is watching this for like the 5 time and is still not bored?

      1. CoolSadin2019 :3


    65. Nikhil Panjwani

      Next trip to India

      1. Sarthak Jain

        1 crore vs 100rs holiday

    66. TTV_ Sniper3912

      I just realize jj is ksi

    67. Gabbie Salloum

      why was I hoping for KSI to get the expensive trip the whole beginning

    68. Tragic Swag

      Why does this have 17k dislikes, clearly they’re retards

    69. Steevo Vincent

      Happiness not always depends on a big amount of money, this video proves it

    70. Stuart Mcdowell

      Ksi quote I am so happy lord I am so happy Jesus

    71. Number /unknown

      I swear jj can see the future

    72. Sam Marcelo

      16:18 this is it sir

    73. E Gg

      Uk ain’t in Europe anymore re do it mate

    74. Mayur Suryawanshi

      One of the best video

    75. j b

      go to sleep? no. stay up until 5am and watch all the sidemen holiday videos

    76. Mary Jane Villanueva

      1:19:51 when they start singing wonderwall , that part made me happy 🥲

    77. Erik Escobar

      What happened to eathans gf

    78. j b

      ethan had literally been out of luck every single video, i just want him to have a good holiday 😂

    79. Kumeshyn Reddy

      When is $30 000 and $300 holiday

      1. Todd Howard

        Whenever the pandemic is over…

    80. Frankie Mazur

      1:42:25 song name ?

      1. David Hamilton

        Spare changes xavy rusan

    81. Ethan Lock

      Stfu Vik.

    82. PreviousDawn

      Who else is here waiting for the next one?

    83. Dr irritator

      I would love to be in Ethan’s team cause I don’t usually go out to enjoy. I would love to be in Ethan and gifted to be in jj team

    84. 66ipodtouch

      Did Anyone notice that Tobi was always on the good team and the only time he was on the bad team when josh made them chose some to switch team

    85. Life Of Jacob

      SIDEMEN $100,000 vs $1,000 HOLIDAY (WORLDWIDE EDITION) 2021 plz????

      1. Old KSI Videos


    86. Peace Out

      how can someone sit and watch a 2 hr video straight

      1. Old KSI Videos

        I watched it in parts

    87. LachieDeadshot

      Now that, is a house

    88. Legal Docz

      damn we all need a friend like simon

    89. Matthew Turley

      this video popped off when purple team started having fun at the arcade. what a great moment.

    90. sam quayle

      Harry saying he doesn’t like to drink alcohol in one of his videos

    91. Ruby Smith

      this just makes me crave a holiday

    92. Matthew Turley

      How were 3 tickets £16?

    93. jordonkey

      lmao ethan still has the scar from the roadtrip video

    94. eliza faamanatu

      21:41 music video

    95. Ubaid Ullah

      JJ is a legend!!

    96. Ethan Smith

      Is it me or is traditional to watch this video

    97. DJ

      Can we just appreciate how well Josh planned all of this? Like all the research, booking etc. Just wow!

      1. TheBac0nato0r

        nah but the thing is Josh kinda didn't plan the time for like the amusement parks and etc.


        and the fact that he was secretly able to get to the Orange Team's house before them blows my mind. The booking and timing of everything probably took forever.

    98. Tómas Charlie Garysson

      At the end they were all drunk af

    99. Nncho7

      Can we talk about how tobi said "gracias" it was so smooth

    100. Emmanuel Chirinos

      Clap for the lads mate