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    The Sidemen take on an All Sports Golf Challenge!
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    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

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    1. Gabriel Sorkin

      The drincc

    2. D E M O N KING AMV


    3. Brandon Fields

      Love how they have credit to dude perfect mad respect

    4. Adam Smith


    5. Nevie Grosvenor

      11:35 jj kills me 😂🤣😂

    6. Moozze

      This ain’t dude perfect this bruv splended

    7. Armand Foroughi

      This was amazing, one of the best sidemen videos. Period

    8. Ferda Boys

      Copies @dude Perfect

    9. T1Paradox


    10. Kaeleigh Patriski

      why did JJ take off his shoe to kick the ball lol

    11. Daniel Stoker

      What golf course is this?

    12. StureBeats

      10:04 imagine him missing that


      I loved vikk’s energy in this video ❤️

    14. Magnus Nymann

      Zerkaa with the clutch

    15. Megas Alexandros

      15:07 brooo he could have actually went over him with the golf cart

    16. Jacob Blair

      3:26 I guess JJ's not the only snake.

    17. Amir Feyli

      I can’t take josh’s jokes and the way he talks just irritates me, let him be the manager of sidemen or something, just don’t bring this guy in the vids💀🤦🏽‍♂️

    18. Connor Gjertson

      bro the outro music🔥

    19. Brenton Williamson

      British perfect lol much love guys

    20. Osahenruewen Osayande

      Is it just me or do the shirts look red and orange at different times for the red team?

    21. Pro Pannas

      Subscribe to our channel please

    22. Sean Day

      Simon always has an excuse

    23. soinu foig

      22:36 Harry’s mythical laugh 🤣🤣

    24. 6 CARDS

      Sidemen baseball would be so fun to watch

    25. lilbettlejuice

      Family-friendly version of Bloods & Crips

    26. A6G


    27. Lilah Stockton


    28. ripslinger3


    29. TJ Reid

      Real Harry laugh at 22:35

    30. TJ Reid

      Can some one tell me what alternative rock song sounds like what they have playing at 19:13

      1. TJ Reid

        Found it.. the less I know the better by tame impala if anyone else was wondering

    31. Paul Critchley

      B-tech dude perfect be like

    32. Jodh Singh

      ayo this drone ilot should be competing in races or freestyling. not working with sidemen, personally to me its like he is flexing more than tryna follow the ball and give good shots.

    33. Shawnta Anderson

      Jj and Simons friendship is so wholesome

    34. AuBunji

      All my Australians now sitting on the back of that buggy is nothing compared to going pigging😂 nah all jokes aside good video🙌🏼🔥

    35. Colton Zeitler

      Josh being Vick’s protector is so sweet

    36. XxNatashaxX XxMyersxX

      Me and my siblings when we see my mum come home with McDonald’s: 27:06

    37. John Fritz

      me 3 seconds in: This is gonna be an entertaining video

    38. Tyezly

      Great to see big josher better

    39. Tyezly

      Red team ✊

    40. Luke Flaherty

      No one got tobys happy Gilmore reference

    41. Gilbertrix Jr10

      Intense clapping 20:28

    42. ChimiDaddy

      Love ur vids and hey watch norsenyancats vids it’s incredibly humorous and has Minecraft smp series including pub g

    43. Merjem Duderija

      We just gonna ignore how suportive tobi is? 12:39

    44. Atinuke Ladipo

      The camera work is masterful

    45. Joe Bunton

      did tobi make a happy Gilmore reference

    46. Alex Stylebender

      This was bttr than the maze and talent show

    47. Ronald Duckin

      Grandpa Josh knows his game.

    48. Nqbz


    49. Nqbz


    50. Nqbz


    51. Nqbz


    52. Nqbz


    53. Nqbz


    54. Nqbz


    55. look at rdj

      Isn't the red team the same from the £100 vs £10000 holiday vid?

    56. Skjervesbu

      23:10 i think Ethan is the new KSI

    57. XxSLIZUESxX

      19"07 "i'm really really good at putting things in holes" Me: Same

    58. XxSLIZUESxX

      15:41 hmmmmm KSI that sounds familiar ngl

    59. Charming nowhere to hide

      12:41 that was wholesome af by tobi

    60. Ethan Nyakuwanikwa

      Never seen grown men huddle around a tennis ball with such hype lol (round 3 tho)

    61. Jack O Haire

      imagine if vik was on the red team

    62. Shresth Raj

      13:34 that Indian accent of harry killed me 😂😂😂

    63. Trash Boi

      Karma at its finest Before - 11:24 After - 14:33

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Tobi gets a fright when vik gives him the red jacket and when he gives jj his jacket its so funny

    64. Belal Ghorab

      wait arent these the teams from the original sidemen holiday

    65. Aleena Jacobs

      13:34 Ethan is a little sus jj might have competition

    66. Ghetto Raccoon


    67. PlicTon

      SideFlawless (the new Dude Perfect)

    68. Taken

      Dude perfect

    69. Me?

      Their camerawoman is 😍

    70. Aayoma Fanboy

      more and more each time josh looks like he's playing with guys 20 years yonger

    71. Apurva Bhattacharyya


    72. Turner Talks

      8:05 KSIMON in the works.

    73. Mathieu Angeles

      Doing like Dude Perfect

    74. god gamer

      8:10 ksimon is back 18:00 too lol

    75. Riley Roo vlogs

      Sidemen vs Harry’s mum

    76. dutch tahiti

      26:09 let's go boys

    77. rAwLyCuS

      Tobi gets a fright when vik gives him the red jacket and when he gives jj his jacket its so funny

    78. C Viasco

      I feel like this would’ve banged if it was longer than 3 holes

    79. Pato Swag

      These are good drone shots

    80. LeBron's Burner

      RED TEAM

    81. fouoii gyhh

      When Tobi jumped and JJ didn’t flinch at 0:46 I was finished🤣🤣💀💀

    82. Emīls Bērziņš

      why didnt jj run in tharzan

    83. Ankur Singh

      This was a Banger. Idk why it floped. Maybe a better thumbnail is required.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        They said ALL Sports so where is boxing and mma? Are they gonna punch the ball or what?

    84. All Wonders

      I reaaly really really good at putting stuff in holes. Bro?

    85. Plasmarr _

      im not going to lie, never realised how unathletic these guys are until now... (Besides football)

    86. Galactite

      i love the video but atleast give credit to dude perfect..

      1. Tommy Huang

        They did at the intro

    87. Christian Oquendo

      The new dude perfect

    88. Jeremy Edwards they owe @dudeperfect royalties, or no?

    89. Nick Beldock

      Dollar tree dude perfect version

    90. Sam Lees

      prove tobi is the nicest sideman "Believe in yourself Vik"

    91. Joshua Murray

      vik please leave the sidemen

      1. PandaZe

        LMAO WTF

    92. Maxx Wolski

      One of Josh's most legendary moments is that last shot

    93. 75ryanh

      They’re out of ideas...

    94. BeepBopRobo

      19:07 trust bez to say that

    95. Lubble

      they should’ve had steven and phill caddy for them

    96. Curren95

      Great video, I would have loved if they had a picture of the hole and a marker for where they were at after each shot. Maybe next time?

    97. Amario Chill

      27:00 sounds some what like a poke ball

    98. Peter Ellis

      Watching paint dry......

    99. XxtraRice

      They said ALL Sports so where is boxing and mma? Are they gonna punch the ball or what?

    100. JackKnight

      We need a game of actual golf between u all