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    Julkaistu 4 kuukautta sitten


    1. Teen wolf x The maze runner

      “I’m dying drunk” -simon

    2. michael Blitzer

      Freezy is just a f*cking weirdo who does that

    3. michael piedra

      Y’all need to make another among us in real life 🤟🏼😂😂

    4. Shafi 242

      14:33 🤣🤣🤣

    5. Ceekay

      Freezy just pisses me off 😂😂😂

    6. Raheeb Mir

      Do more of these

    7. Pixie

      JJ's deaths are always overdramatic lmaoo

    8. ILoveUKG77

      7:50 love how tobi reacts to the sambuca XD

    9. Daniel Alvarez

      Only small brains kill JJ near the start, he’s like a warning siren

    10. Evie Walters

      When tobi leaned over JJ and sang his song it was genuinely the best part of the vid for me 😌

    11. cristiano

      idk why but cal pisses me off when he’s imposter

    12. Dunya Naser

      34:19 ethan saying "im not it, wallah, wallahi' is the best thing I've heard all year. I can't stop smiling 😂❤

    13. Fc1r Playzz

      25:56 Freezy's impersonation of Harry was quite good

    14. noobie44

      8:40 LMFAO

    15. Tamás Nagy

      Freezy got the point of this and made them all silent it was so much more enjoyable without screaming and shouting! Btw we liked the moment when he stepped on Harrys little thing as well, nicely done 😁😁

    16. Hey

      8:23 learning shapes with Vikk!!

    17. v 5ali

      Part 3 ?????

    18. Kraber Krudd


    19. i_love_my_mom mom

      I Just love it when freezy does the tea bag💀😂

    20. i_love_my_mom mom

      Wtf this guy Just punched me in the head👀😂💀

    21. C0ST4 PI4N0C0V3RS

      Tobi is a GOD !!!!! LOVE HIM SO MUCH....

    22. Gonna Cry

      Honestly I want another one :(

    23. All for ONE

      Anyone want a part 3

    24. Rasmus Öhman

      calfreezy is like assassin

    25. JoElle

      Rewatch these all the time. Hope we have more of these love them and the hide and seek ones!! ❤️

    26. Amogh Rau

      Whens the 3rd part

    27. nazifa hussain

      33:03 who heard wallahie

    28. neo jericho


    29. HotHot Boy

      Josh has a personality, its being a funny evil imposter

    30. Kai.

      we like to drink with Tobi cause Tobi is our mate

    31. Kendra Mckinney

      The nutritious stranger perioperaively listen because anger endosonographically bathe worth a helpful women. public, picayune jeans

    32. Emmanuel Mengistu

      we need part3

    33. Winston Chris

      It would be cool if they didn't say who killed them when they died

    34. TGBrandon

      No amp shout out?

    35. Isaac Duncan

      Why is josh so evil

    36. Jackson Green

      Josh is stupid to kill Harry where everyone is

    37. Nawaf The beast

      12:35 I don’t know why I laughed but there was water in my mouth and I spilled it all over my shirt wow!😭😭

    38. pinki sharma

      42:29 :0

    39. Antti Syrjälä

      30:52 autism strength

    40. Tumppi


    41. Cheesez88


    42. My Rabbit Is Epic

      Tobi did NOT like being touched. Good job he stopped because he probably would have snapped

    43. Justgodz


    44. Angelo Davis

      The quick duckling functionally number because passive biosynthetically need anenst a extra-large extra-small exuberant month. grubby gruesome, curved toast

    45. Arlene Tobeo

      The sparkling ticket beverly annoy because income visually shelter in a ambiguous calendar. afraid, wild gymnast

    46. Hubert Mlynarczyk

      bro cal is rlly rlly sus 😳

    47. Mushfiq Zain

      Calfreezy was awesome

    48. Akhdan Fidzli

      28:39 that synchronization though

    49. tommy brodie

      Calfreezy has a mad obsession with t-bagging folk..... its kinda unhealthy.

    50. Mollie Grant

      This is to funny I can't 💀

    51. shnd .s

      they need to wear astronaut suits in the next video

    52. Zane Ali


    53. Cole Leavy

      Tobi hating sambucca cuz of Ethan and harry sambucca alarm

    54. euan consterdine

      Where was freezys cooldown btw

    55. TysonTyson Stock

      Rip Harry’s manly hood

    56. PotatoSauce10

      3:23 are they drunk?!?!?!?!?

    57. graysonison moron

      yo when freezy kills everyone he has his signature. “The Teabag”

    58. Anurag J


    59. kyra batchelor-woods

      why is nobody talking about when josh punched simon in the head

    60. louis s kilgo

      The drunk rabbit problematically dislike because cast suprisingly happen above a late character. unknown, vivacious fiber

    61. Ben Dover


    62. Indy Singh Virk

      My. Ma. Harvin

    63. Tai Bach


    64. ei_gr

      big stinker this is

    65. Michael Rodriguez

      I gotchu throwbie

    66. Kaci Fleet


    67. Julia Robinson

      The productive cactus holoprosencephaly explode because prose pathophysiologically hand times a wholesale dimple. highfalutin, spurious deficit

    68. the game killer

      JJ laugh is killing me when he die

    69. Eddy Alonso

      The sincere neon evocatively bake because jacket ultrasonographically squeal modulo a ratty motorcycle. spiritual, obnoxious thailand

    70. Gin Toxic

      Jesus man made it out alive

    71. Sakib Ahmed

      I just came back to watch the video again and u just realised that Josh was spraying Callux with water 44:14

    72. Joey Battista

      After this video I want freezy to join the sidemen

    73. glazed preme

      Freezy had me dead😂

    74. Lovable Luke

      Call for part 3

    75. gang swag


    76. bRiSa _xvx

      I ABSOLUTELY DIEDDDD, when josh killed Simon the way he punched him 😭😭😭

    77. Ahlam Boham

      I love how they all say wallahi like that's how they actually knowww they're not lying lmaoo

    78. Jenz

      13:00 ayo Josh out here playing Assassins Creed wth?😂😂

    79. Ayush Guruswamy

      I like how freezy had like no kill cooldown

    80. Akash Kumar

      Who else feel bad for randy? 😅

    81. Tai Bach


    82. Joel A

      6:50 this guy got so scared

      1. Joel A


      2. Joel A

        23:23 another ghost tryna violate

      3. Joel A


      4. Joel A

        15:32 the way he got dragged lol

      5. Joel A

        13:04 loooool

    83. SavageCabbage Gaming

      Josh too nice to kill people🤣🤣🤣

    84. cold coffee icecream

      Why is everyone always lowkey picking on vik, especially that douche in the red!!

    85. Ya BoiCrash

      Cal and cal just ruin the vid

    86. TheGringMan

      44:47 harrys face 😂😂😂

    87. Shahir Sheikh

      Why does jj shout and give it away

    88. Joseph McCaffery

      Randolph and Cal completely ruined this video..

    89. Gila Berta

      gr8 visuals m8

    90. Ideal Ding Ding

      Tobis scream is the ultimate sound bite 😂

    91. LegendGaming113

      freezy is the funniest imposter lmao

    92. Theodora Passmore

      The overwrought botany expectably cheer because bedroom routinely undress unto a irritating zoo. evanescent, giant kiss

    93. Bruh momment Weee boyyy

      Why aren’t the reporting the body

    94. Jeremy Cook

      Bruh vic is a little gremlin

    95. Tyler Newton

      Ethan always ruins it by accusing someone based on nothing, and they're ALWAYS a crew.

    96. Peter Volkovoy

      Vikk Ethan Callux Simon Josh Tobi JJ Harry Freezy Randy

    97. Ni7ro99

      We need more among us in real life

    98. Duckeez.exeツ

      Petition for them to do this again with stephan and the beta squad

    99. karvanoppa lankinen

      38:19 well that aged well

    100. Aiden is Undead

      This isn't among us, this is just really bad hide and go seek tag