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    The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?
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    1. Rochelle David

      Josh and JJ started so good then it all went downhill

    2. Khairunnas Shahlan

      Jj and harry are completely different parents 🤣

    3. Herold Hernandez

      Peekaboo AAHHH Peekaboo AAHHH

    4. Emilia :D

      Ethan literally looks like a rich dad and Harry looks like his teenage son

    5. GentlemenPanda

      I really expect at the beginning for jj to say Im a go buy milk 🥛

    6. IHopegood

      JJ was a good parent up until 43:58 Better than I expected

    7. Hamza Elkholy

      48:20, josh went to the dark knight's joker for some advice

    8. You Tube

      The whole time josh was like 😰 why we spending this much

    9. You Tube

      13:15 Yo that girl was like 😰

    10. You Tube

      8:24 Yo that dude in the red shirt in the wheel chair was like 👀

    11. Owen Green

      41:56 well that didn't age well

    12. xameliax

      it's like Harry and JJ switched

    13. Lil Tazer

      Fun fact :Nando's is actually from South Africa

    14. Audrius T

      its funny how jj actually cares for it

    15. Bernadette Pearson

      The ritzy cultivator curiously play because elbow yearly lighten circa a square kamikaze. medical, curly pet

    16. scorching




    18. Gwendolyn Paul

      31:36 is one of the only times JJ has known his own lyrics without have to search it up

    19. Gwendolyn Paul

      it’s tradition to watch this video every once in a while

    20. Eve Garson

      i took care of a baby like this for a class and it was hell

    21. santa _balls


    22. Addiboy da gamer

      They should do this again but with real baby

    23. Milos Petovic

      Did I just watched 7 man in 20s play with 3 toy babies for 1h?

    24. Joy McConnell

      Would I want to be baby sat by the sidemen after watching video? Hmmm, risky but yes

    25. aya babakir

      To be quite honest JJ was the best 👌

    26. random videos

      Harry and ethan where the best parents

    27. Zerda Pekin

      JJ and Tobi are the best dad out of them all X,,D nvm JJ when he lost it xD

    28. EMiLY

      Josh and Harry should be parents together🥺🥺👏👏👏

    29. Swiiftz_ 16

      still one of the funniest videos they have made

      1. Swiiftz_ 16

        @Billy Bob Boux Jomns it’s absolute jokes lmaooo love this video.

      2. Billy Bob Boux Jomns


    30. Rashawn Belgrave

      Why did this video feel like an eternity?

    31. Rocky Dearaujo

      Ethan looks like a dad like a young dad

    32. Varun Ramesh

      Back in 2021 and Simon putting the Burger King crown on their baby did not age well

      1. Swiiftz_ 16

        he grew up so fast

    33. rubytom2008 8

      Think jj got a bit stressed

    34. Corps x

      I'm watching this now and wondering why no one is using a mask. The pandemic has me messed up.

    35. MattGAMERzIR


    36. Sammi C

      jj would be such a good dad i cannttttttttttt nvm i spoke too soon (edit)

    37. Okita

      Gotta say, Josh, Simon and Harry are the best

    38. Leo Annerfeldt 7 Gantofta skola

      33:40 ksi I am trying everything me FEED HER

    39. Ur_fave_bbg _loved_by_all_

      KSI could actually be a good dad

    40. Hassan Abbas

      Time for JJ to be a dad

    41. Hassan Abbas

      JJ really surprised me on this one. Props.

    42. You have been RANBOOZLED

      JJ would be a great parent. Harry on the other hand.

    43. Chalina my

      ksi is yhe best dad ever

    44. Brandus Barnett

      What is the outro called

    45. KLUTCH

      26:40 Freezy’s laugh made me cry lmfao

    46. Diyar Al-Elayawi


    47. Sweet Wish

      42:21 Vik’s reaction was literally everyone’s reaction to the comment

    48. joshua cavazos

      When vik was searching for cheat code The cheats: Snap neck and it go sleep forever

    49. Alth

      Me thinking that team JJ and Simon was actually going to be wholesome. **Morpheus gets dropkicked**

    50. ෴

      Tobi is such a good dad 😂

    51. dev ravi

      tobi really cared huh

    52. dev ravi

      josh and jj started off so well

    53. Has Tha


    54. Mildred Prempeh

      Tbh jj and tobi would be great dads Edit: nvm it lost a limb

    55. MW luke180dark

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣every moment of Ethan and Harry

    56. Cosmic Cafe

      45:26 😭🤚🏻 I’m dead

    57. Audrey Paige

      It is my first time watching this and its like 2am and my parents are gonna kill me I cant stop laughing...

    58. Revenix

      👁 👁 👃🏻 👄

    59. Mattangy 64

      13:11 i can't bro

    60. Koectie

      Everyone talking about jj being a good parent, what about josh. I tought he was doing pretty good

    61. Taine Lambert

      Out of curiosity, Is the music at the beginning of the episode Everywhere at the end of time?

    62. Maggie Bench

      rewatching with my baby

    63. Kano Christian

      Not the first time jjs almost been a father

    64. rixena !

      Tobi: I want my baby to experience life legit 2 secs later thinking to take a baby for SKYDIVING

    65. Kian Miller

      When JJ said “ let’s not worry ok” It was so cute ☺️

    66. Soumyajyoti Chakraborty

      JJ , I think is going to be a great parent, I don’t know why?

    67. aroke Jv

      33:17 nothing happened..

    68. Josh

      ok jj would be an amazing dad harry would suck as a dad

    69. Donna Langdon

      8:55 was amazing and 13:09 edit 40:22 I wonder

    70. karen kuszpit

      23:19 did anyone else just hear and see Ethan snap Nathanial's neck?!!?

    71. Ellie May

      JJ and Tobi was probably the best parents 😂

    72. Britishpotatø Ø

      Can we compare JJs energy from the start of the video to the end 😂

    73. Amelia Cooper

      Not jj flirting with the makeup artists 😂

    74. asing red

      16:57 man left a whole steak

    75. Vanesa Burkevica

      Jj is the best dad and will be

    76. Kay Jay

      I think harry would be a great dad

    77. Alias07 Jef

      It's been a long day for all of them.

    78. Phard

      Nahhh tobi is a mom not a dad

    79. co-op meal deal

      27:05 underrated

    80. Utkarsh Pandey

      surprisingly jj was the best father amongst all

    81. Irfan Yusri

      Oh yes daddy!!

      1. Irfan Yusri

        Yo u down bad.

    82. Jacob Breitenbach

      The crown didn't age well XD

    83. Zac Attack

      13:14 best dad ever

    84. Anthony Magallon

      Give Harry an Oscar award for the best dad😂

    85. fiqnz on yt

      A life FORM 🤣🤣🤣

    86. Brandon Denyer

      Harry Falling was the best he tried to play it off

    87. Nicolas Zoghby

      harry: Oh no i have Ethan also Harry : make baby fall out of pram 2 in less than 10 sec

    88. Boinkshla Playz

      JJ is the best dad

    89. Frank Arschgesicht

      see how the blk baby experienced blk ppl's real? it stopped being funny when the 2 idjits started toturing it on purpose. reminded me so much of blk face/lynching era.

    90. Carma TBZ

      🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇😇😇🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙄🙏💯💤💤💫✌✌✌✌🤘🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊👊👊🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑Team $$JJ$$ ALL THE WAY! 7778

    91. Carma TBZ


    92. Lila_ Gracex


    93. kahn2960 kahn2960

      talia is def taking notes on simon at 17:51

    94. xSaddly

      I thought white men were loving but I realized in this video black men (JJ and Tobi) are the most caring and loving parents to be.

    95. Worthiness

      The Burger King crown 😩

    96. Ahmad Elbadawi

      How many times Harry threw Nathon down the stairs 👇

    97. Gracie Benson

      PLS- 4:47 the pannicked "IT DOSNT WANT FOOD"

    98. Jo Harrison

      I was crying with laughter my favourite video 🤣🤣

    99. MrNoodleman 13


    100. Jordan Maynard

      How Harry throws the baby up on the path had me dead! 😂😂😂😂💀 23:58