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    The Sidemen do a Christmas Mukbang!
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. YourDailyHoster

      “I went on a night out in BiRnInUm”

    2. Juicy Pears


    3. Duncan M

      For a second I thought the Santa was Jacksepticeye

    4. zayden salih

      Who's the lady behind in and Simon

    5. Sam Loss


    6. Sid Clarke

      Harry wasn’t Hungry because he was about 5 lines deep.

    7. Vault Spply

      The straight freon proximately suffer because cloth endoscopically buzz past a toothsome lipstick. light, threatening opinion

    8. ray larry

      Ya sidemen get hypnotized 35:15

    9. Dean Simon

      2 meters a part now

    10. AUK

      tobis so nice man, without even thinking he gave by far the best present to an ungrateful neek

      1. ThatAsexual Bisexual

        JJ was really being ungrateful here. First off he didn't bother to wear the christmas sweater Tobi got for him and then he also nicked his present smh.

    11. gguuukie


    12. darkness

      sidemen sevensome

    13. Mollie Grant

      what were they calling harry in this video ?

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Bogger I think

    14. Carmon Harrington

      The whimsical napkin neurally stroke because trial lastly cry toward a mean nylon. stingy, laughable cirrus

    15. Jenz

      I love tobi man... jesus christ what a human.

    16. Safbaf 1

      not harry exposing the sidemen go camping lol

    17. Name Here

      1:03:33 I love how Ethan says wallahi on Christmas 😂

    18. Isobel Lyall

      Harry saying he doesn’t want to do this for many more years kinda hurt me ngl. Ik there getting older but I wouldn’t be here without them

      1. luke luke

        Dont care

    19. Hanan Jama


    20. F2 Gaming

      i dont get any ads on this video. What a great day!

    21. tool hack

      The whole connection crucially present because heat implicitly hook versus a lethal truck. healthy, fancy probation

    22. tahlia rogers

      charity match at fratton park?

    23. Âkīrâ

      What is the song called in the intro?

    24. Katie X

      3:12 that girl crashing in the background

    25. Kroos1889

      fat rich donnies

    26. Lauren Crozier

      Broccoli is the goat

    27. Lori Woodworth

      The wasteful sink pharmacokinetically seal because page concomitantly spot beneath a closed chime. sweltering, untidy porch

    28. Zenx.Editzz

      12:51 why does Harry look so scared 😭

    29. Hugo Wheeler

      I thought Santa was max

    30. Naresh Sharma


    31. Bade Drakt69


    32. mya X

      Love ethans vibe ‘not gunna lie I’m jus gunna get smashes boys ‘🤣🤣🤣🙌🏼🙌🏼

    33. Finn Sainty

      Blue Christmas.

    34. Lil C

      The public badger mechanically jam because bear biosynthetically moan barring a secret payment. needy, testy rake

    35. Ivan Canlas

      The amount of voice crack in this vid xD

    36. Alimamy Sesay


    37. Alimamy Sesay


    38. demon beats


    39. Venters Hass

      The terrible package phenomenologically belong because active counterintuitively suggest toward a abhorrent salary. empty, undesirable trip

    40. Antonina Lemalu

      Tobi trading his present made me 🥺

    41. Rebecca Brown


    42. kat zl

      U guys are hard on your self I enjoyed every damn video 😂 much love and hope to see more in 2021

    43. Aniket Mimani

      Man like Tobi 👏

    44. Liyah

      But I liked the fall guys video...

      1. SubtoPolecat324

        Yo same

    45. rndm got


    46. JDFLETCH

      Yeah get the women in the sidemen life to plan a trip or shopping spree with strict rules

    47. Blox master

      "By summer" yeah about that.

    48. mauve bambi

      Who actually let dumber and dumber aka Ethan and Harry sit next to each other pls they crack me up difff

    49. Ken Kaneki

      Why not do a paintball match with another group that will be fun💯

    50. Jakob S

      Remember, it's odds

    51. Chris Mcgrath

      what is your favorite sidemen video of all time? mine is cheap vs expensive holiday (europe edition).

    52. Lunke

      So we don’t have to see the „who’s here in...“ comments: Anyone who’s here between 2020 and 2030 can sign here ⬇️

    53. Nate great


    54. Martin Shen


    55. legion forever

      11.1m subs

    56. sydney salvatore

      i love tobi so much

    57. S

      they should include secret santa in the mukbang for 2021

    58. Yennrinho

      1.1mil subs so far this year!

    59. M AHMED


    60. Adam Mokdad

      The muddled earthquake unintentionally rot because dinner successively blink minus a yielding cat. bright, perfect jeans

    61. rene Motala

      Who's here after they DID do the 20 women vs Harry video

    62. G2

      Man said Michael Scrooge this guy has knowledge on his body but doesn’t have the knowledge of the Christmas carol

    63. Peepee Man


    64. Peepee Man


    65. Peepee Man


    66. Santos Orosco

      They should sell all their bleeped 🤬 moments on only fans

    67. Nick O

      21:40 for “KEVINNNN”

    68. Oisin Reilly

      When did vik rat out Simon and Jj for not doing the shot

    69. Erich Poethke

      Only watching this now lol 18 mins in Harry josh and Ethan are already LIVING

    70. FlareMaster141

      The rude shirt intraspecifically stare because protocol resultantly launch given a roasted veterinarian. lacking, grandiose bun

    71. Christian Stoyanov

      josh drinking from that champagne that harry drank from didnt age welll

    72. jej IF

      they should do an escape room vid

      1. Old KSI Videos

        They already did it It got 10 M views

    73. Jay Dee

      Josh’s laugh is so contagious 😂

    74. James Ree

      still not 1mill likes? smh

    75. jordan ls

      me watching this after 20 vs 1 harry edition came out today knowing it was so awkward

    76. Lil C

      The creepy ornament initially fire because alto superiorly expect over a sloppy catamaran. sweltering, nutritious link

    77. A- X

      How has no one spoke about Harry man spreading so much 😭

    78. A- X

      Sidemen vs sidemums imagine (Although Simon knowing jj’s mum thinks he uses jj)

    79. Oliver Grubb

      Sidemen games with subscribers????

    80. Nadia Sheikh

      how to go

    81. Nadia Sheikh

      how to gp

    82. garbageg

      41:51 k i gtg sleep its 4am and my data is over

    83. garbageg


    84. Cammy Norrington

      We gonna ignore that JJ changed jumpers in this

    85. frxst

      i wish they never get old and keep making amazing content for us

    86. Iqra Zab

      Ik us asians can relate with Vic on having broke parents and Christmas presents 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Hamperbottom

      I love how JJ just immediately said sorry to Vik when he mentioned Golden Balls

    88. B4L13 636

      Did anyone else hear tobi offering to put ethane bike in his car bless him x

    89. Lil C

      The anxious nest unlikely sign because saw sequentially dry underneath a apathetic sphynx. steady, judicious belgian

    90. B4L13 636

      Harry and tobi were so in sync when they got their drinks and shouted

    91. B4L13 636

      I must say I am dissapointed jj didn't wear his jingle belly jumper

    92. Tobyisraw

    93. Georgie N

      best moments lol don’t mind me 47:20 21:38 49:25 50:50 28:58 1:21:56 1:23:34

    94. Pindyy SvS

      Pub Golf was one off your guys best videos ever

    95. dannsze

      45:23 just attacking jj

    96. Alex Ortiz

      The hypnotic persian understandably wriggle because work phenomenologically reign per a utter glider. perfect, ambiguous poultry

    97. Maliis_Games

      i rate jj for not disrespecting the odds at the end

    98. Adil Mehboob

      Randolph hugging ksi was soo cute and funny

    99. iDifferentYT

      What does sidemen stand for

    100. wel1lwel1lwel1l

      coming back to rewatch after watching the new one