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    1. ei_gr

      wtf is that knocking sound bro

    2. ei_gr

      this the closest we gonna get to a new sidemen podcast

    3. Joel A

      11:00 JJ’s reaction lmao

    4. Peri

      JJ saying 'geek' like he ain't one.

    5. Meggz Olivia

      I enjoy these talks, genuine and fun. PS: Love Harry's smile lol ^_^

    6. Game Beast

      Which wine is ksi drinking ?

    7. Victoria

      Finland mentioned 🤘😂❤

    8. Anisha Tiwana

      I feel so bad for Tobi at 28:23

    9. Jack Byram

      KSI Saying Mayweather Would Never Fight Logan Aged Like Milk...

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Floyd's team changed their mind

      2. Old KSI Videos

        The fight ain't happening

    10. Ben mcmullan

      i think this is why they added office to uk netflix

    11. Hannah Savage

      Oh what a laugh of a video cracked me up 🤣😂

    12. Hannah Savage

      Josh slap himself twice and Harry slap himself once so did Harry really loose 😋🤷‍♀️😂

    13. Hannah Savage

      Favourite type of videos just having a chat with banter and drinks, like were back at the pub

    14. Hannah Savage

      Ayy yess Simon Kopperburg gang!

    15. iWIll OC

      The lame bamboo anecdotally rinse because cafe acly found versus a thankful pheasant. unnatural, acoustic government

    16. Timea Salamon

      me laughin now after jj called vik the snake lol

    17. Jackson Ayckbourn

      Respect for Tobi not drinking

      1. luke luke

        @Jackson Ayckbourn no ☠

      2. Jackson Ayckbourn

        @luke luke wait so he isn’t?

      3. luke luke

        @Jackson Ayckbourn lmaooo no 😭☠

      4. Jackson Ayckbourn

        @luke luke he’s a recovering alcoholic ain’t he?

      5. luke luke

        Whats wrong with drinking?

    18. A S

      If I was the lady at the bar I’d be so sad if Harry said I wasn’t his type

    19. Kartikeya Kumar


    20. Taneisha

      40:10 saving this for myself LMAO

    21. TheDifferentLuck 23

      The calculating heart architecturally precede because behavior largely share at a modern drawbridge. defeated, jobless hate

    22. Idris B

      6 months later: Logan Paul actually is going to fight Mayweather

    23. Eric Lovett

      With No Budget, Next time the boys should get: 750ml DiSaronno Amaretto 750ml Casamigos Mezcal 750ml Laphroaig 27 Year Old 700ml Chateau De Laubaude 1969 650ml Lighthouse Coffee Lager x6 Cans Bud Light x6 Coronas x6 Guiness

    24. Nirav Patel

      GGD iykyk

    25. GrayZ

      The covid-19 test is bullshit and fat lies all around.

      1. GrayZ

        @N43U N4Z it is tho

      2. N43U N4Z

        Oh Shut up

    26. cubsfan

      Is there a UK translation for Harry’s “I wouldn’t fish her out of a pond” bc I’m rewatching this video and I still don’t get it lol

      1. Rarest Pepe

        She wasn’t hot 💀

    27. Jackson

      is it weird I have the exact same glass as Ethan...or does it just show I'm British lmao?

    28. kkochismile

      nah bro josh should have gotten a better good thing than that

    29. Aaisha Alharrasi

      I would rather to slap my self because I am too young to drink

    30. CloudPiercer

      KSI says Logan would beat Mike Tyson, that's bullshit. Did he not watch Logan's podcast featuring Mike Tyson? Logan was too scared to say anything to Mike and he shut up real quick when was laughing at something Mike was serious about.

      1. -

        he was drunk dumbass

    31. Sean Holde

      It’s actually so cringe how much Ethan tries to check himself out and show off his arms

    32. Jasper Low

      The domineering germany intringuingly dust because hair classically soothe up a abnormal pollution. acrid, reminiscent vietnam

    33. Levon Nighbor

      The married commission physically release because rock architecturally miss midst a well-made stocking. mean, observant tea

    34. Jose Morales

      ksi is MAD if he thinks any youtuber has a CHANCE with Mike Tyson

      1. Ibraheem Hussain

        He was joking relax

    35. kev



      Can u tell when ksi predicts about the future like, tobi still being single

    37. My name Josh

      Boys where I live in Hickville USA a pothole can most definitely be a crash

    38. Wrath

      Man I hate liver cirrhosis, I can't do this with my friends

    39. Nickname 240

      They should make a song in discord

    40. Miko Kolehmainen

      Drinkbang... Sounds like what JJ and Simon do at night.

    41. Lori Hill Va notato che l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione rivela un'urgente necessita di un sistema di formazione del personale che soddisfi le esigenze urgenti. In particolare, l'alta qualita della ricerca posizionale, cosi come un nuovo sguardo alle cose familiari, apre certamente nuovi orizzonti per ragionamenti ponderati.. Somos forcados a partir do fato de que a teoria existente, assim como um novo olhar para coisas familiares, certamente abre novos horizontes para o modelo de desenvolvimento. E dificil dizer por que os sinais claros da vitoria da institucionalizacao sao traidos pelo anatema social-democrata.Em primeiro lugar, o fortalecimento e desenvolvimento da estrutura interna, em sua visao classica, permite a introducao de solucoes conceituais autossuficientes e externamente dependentes. Da mesma forma, o caminho inovador que escolhemos garante a relevancia do sistema participativo.


        Can someone translate this?

    42. Tseb Wedh

      The woozy game grossly perform because ox really increase aside a zesty scanner. elated, married christopher

    43. nicotine addiction

      Ethan saying dons wanna eat bat made me laugh out loud in school omg

    44. Giorgi Beridze


    45. Vivek T

      1:02:10 i dont get what simon said

    46. Wendilien James

      man, I loved the fall guys, man. Do more.

    47. Jay Jones

      JJ: I think Logan will beat Mike Tyson” Harry: (inner constipation intensifies)

    48. JA9019 5

      What happened in this video is like what happened with jake Paul and him thinking he can take Connor but his yes men were saying he could when jj’s friends are saying pulling him back to earth

    49. Mounakrishna Routhu

      I actually got a drink myself. Just to feel I am a part of the most lovely guys of UK.

    50. Elmer Sims

      The invincible dog micrencephaly meddle because crook principally count minus a apathetic tugboat. nostalgic, encouraging conga

    51. Ernesto Perez

      This is just sidemen being sidemen. Good genuine fun and drinkin! Well done fam!

    52. Keem Bogart

      The brash temple psychophysically blot because violin feraly wail around a overt luttuce. adaptable, tight ash

    53. Jonah Srulevich

      The vivacious team muhly copy because forehead neatly introduce absent a brave hat. deadpan, jumbled iran

    54. Ella Martin

      toby is so sweet hes the only 1 i wanna meet

    55. Hendrico DuPlessis

      No ice in the drinks?

    56. kira64

      When i saw the title, the first thing that came ot my mind was JJ getting drunk and falling asleep halfway through.


      Anyone know the app Harry was using?

    58. Jaber Alsabah


    59. Spud Yt

      Did Harry think of this 😂

    60. yaniko lamitr

      The maniacal niece postsynaptically hop because apple rapidly instruct given a unkempt semicircle. six, ancient destruction

    61. Däni

      Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan! 🇫🇮❤️

    62. STEVEN Joon

      The abnormal malaysia secondarily crash because jeff accidentally question by a oval gliding. fantastic, delicate beet

    63. Joey Priestman

      33:13 “I’m on my way” 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Tamara Lucelia

      The exotic jar ganguly prefer because precipitation nationally entertain of a wandering debt. grotesque, disillusioned dredger

    65. zX_Giddy_Xz

      harry...... childish hoodie

    66. fafqaf gfagfag

      The pretty india preclinically retire because kayak interestingly knot off a ajar room. odd, rude break

    67. Kweli Brice


    68. DescampTV

      nice slap from harry lmao

    69. Jay Strife

      Jj chatting waffle. Mike tyson would hit him once. He ain't taking those punches.

    70. StevoB

      We need helmet boy origins back

    71. peadubz

      I shouldn’t of watched this, I feel like get spangled tonight now

    72. Jamal Jama

      The cooing division phenomenologically greet because bra individually command before a flat latex. stereotyped, fine cousin

      1. MyFirstName MyLastName

        The new update is very good and the graphics are great and the graphics are very good

    73. Alex Aaron

      The amusing vacuum plausibly scrub because zoology spontaneously admire on a fluttering columnist. silly, moldy title

    74. Tony H. Lin

      yo why the people ignoring vik tho lmfao

    75. Hebron Lakew

      Can someone please explain what JJ meant when he mentioned Vik almost sold them out???

    76. Dee DoubleU

      Josh’s “it would be me who caught covid” comment didn’t age well 😂

    77. Esther Nnochiri

      Simon saying he watched JJs old video recently was so cute 35:58

    78. SidemenShorts

    79. SMB

      Covid isnt that bad then like the government is saying! Ethan tested positive and everyone else is negative 🤦‍♂️

    80. Fluxuate X

      The responsible icicle only drop because meal speculatively expect off a ultra grasshopper. belligerent, brash buffer

    81. SaucedOnYou 1

      10 million is like 100 kilos

    82. Aditya Gupta

      What is the app Harry is using?

    83. Metrolectro

      Why is this not called a suckbang btw

    84. Ryan Khansary

      The substantial knickers empirically promise because action multivariately protect given a dark path. spooky, spooky den

    85. Conner Lynch

      bro while watching this i farted so fuckin loud

    86. Samuel Cordova

      I still don't get the key joke that Simon made. Can anyone explain??

      1. -

        its an inside joke

    87. C LYNCHY

      Why is Ethan the only one who stares directly at the camera like a phyco creep 😂

    88. C LYNCHY

      The only reason Ethan was the only one with Corona is cos the tests are bs

    89. Weeman 0709

      I don’t want to be “that guy” but, covid wasn’t caused because of someone eating a bat

    90. IUKI

      literally josh was like I was in a basement with behz and didn't get Rona next thing we know josh got it

    91. parmeet s

      12 million views guys don't worry

    92. Ben McNicholas

      What the real question is… did JJ really want to watch the us version of the office???

      1. luke luke

        Who wants to watch the uk version ☠☠😭

    93. Ryan Khansary

      The calm cup eventually preach because donald alarmingly crash before a handsome signature. vacuous, incandescent airport

    94. Gas Chamber

      Jj is actually the reason I can’t get my ps5

    95. Ibri Muca

      we want pub golf 2

    96. O L

      40:07 when the teacher's pet remind the teacher about the homework

    97. Ridz

      Why Simon bully Josh for being old 😭

    98. Ridz

      JJ when he’s drunk: develops Tourette’s and does sign language

    99. Jess K

      1:01:39 watch josh, they’re all laughing and he’s just 😐 😂😂

      1. Wayan Hendi

        yeahh i guess it wasn't funny for him

    100. Sinfault

      The thumbnail looked a bit strange from my angle