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    The Labyrinth
    Chelmsford City Racecourse
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    1. invictus beni

    2. maxyvalue8

      KSI and Vikkstar look like big chungus

    3. FreshWakeProductions

      18:13 the way KSI hits the ground LOL

    4. Debbie Onaderu

      this is the funniest thing ever🤣🤣 tobi stepping on ethan made my day

    5. Nutted InYou

      they said that this was one of their worse videos but this was so funny

    6. Logandroid

      2:32 RIP vik 😔💔

    7. Mykel Macalintal

      Most funnest vid i ever watch. One more time

    8. SAHRA Lee

      Vik was supposed to win all the time but their all fked up

    9. Mohamed Ghraba

      so we all agree that JJ's suit is the worst and the ugliest

    10. Ethereal Z

      It kinda depends on the outfit too because it’s gonna be harder on inflated outfits rather than Simon’s simple outfit lowkey Tobi got the most complicated outfit tho as well as vik,it’s gonna be harder for them duh

    11. Brent 122

      Such an underrated sidemen vid!!!!!

    12. Dj Isaii

      Have u ever seen a wolf like me fam 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Zach196

      When did Ethan get hit with the drone

    14. Magnus.

      respect for the cameramen lmao

    15. Anna Keogh

      this cured my depression

    16. Ammar Alaa eddin


    17. Ammar Alaa eddin

      Best video

    18. Baksish Singh

      Another video name: Grown men in halloween costumes screaming and beating each other

    19. Yxng Ming

      JJ-**Your moving mad** That like made my laugh crazy

    20. Sarah Laishley

      Yes goo mini minter

      1. Sarah Laishley


    21. Ollie Curtis

      9:35 That made me laugh so hard😂😂

    22. Joshua Fong

      were are going to quit youtube! me:ez way to get subs my guy

    23. Skye Xx

      the way vikk cant see bc of how big his costume is LMAO

    24. Molly-May

      Love how Harry ranked this a stinker but it’s my fave video😭

    25. Daddy Yanan

      Vik looks so funny 😂💗

    26. Gaming Studio

      JJ is the best

    27. Aayushi Ramakrishnan

      so i just watched 7 grown men wearing oversized costumes running an inflatable obstacle course nice

    28. Joana de Quintanilha Mantas

      I love how the cameramen just get run over and don’t give a sh*t

    29. EightatHeart


    30. Joshua Boschma

      This is why ksi won the fight against Logan paul

    31. frigi frig

      7:02 jj hella sus

    32. Olga m

      ksi in every single video. i wanna die. my spirit animal right there. overdramatic

    33. Logan Mitchell

      No 11.m

    34. Hollie Boomer

      This is one of the funniest videos! Although Simon and JJ had an advantage with less bulky costumes!

    35. Winston Chris

      I like how in third round tobi practically won, but decides to wait for everyone then loses that round lol

    36. Tragic Swag

      Watching back this video and it’s not even bad as they say it is, so many funny moments deffo a banger

    37. Old KSI Videos

      This cost 30k😂

    38. Craig David

      Just came straight from Harry’s video saying it cost 30 grand 🤣🤣

      1. Old KSI Videos


    39. RxtroR6

      Tobi was so annoying in this video ffs

    40. 2023 LucasCampbell

      When jj sacrificed his body in doordash

    41. Saleena Bi

      Well,JJ tried.....

    42. Freya E

      Kk picked the costume to be 6ft 😂

    43. Julian Runge

      How old were those full grown man?

    44. ash mills

      toby and JJ killed me🤣

    45. p90

      8:31 close your eyes

    46. Raahim shehzad

      People see sidemen struggling I see a banana and parrot being dumb I guess I am built differently

    47. mono

      I feel so bad for the cameraman lol

    48. Cloudyxgamer Girl

      I like bananas and Harry🖤

    49. johnny way

      I know I'm quite late but the camera men did a good job filming in the obstacle course by catching up

    50. Louis_R Yolo

      I’m a pineapple - Tobi 2020

    51. Disgusting_Dingo J

      After watching this I want Vik to beat up Josh so bad

    52. aditya iyer

      15:20 That looks very wrong

    53. Eas Yes

      Jj adds no value to thid one

    54. Eas Yes

      Imagine editing this video

    55. DxddyJason

      I don’t think Josh knows how to play

    56. Keira Brooke

      It’s a tradition to come back here every once in a while

    57. Isobel Lyall


    58. Isobel Lyall

      0:49 but we have to admit that was ADORABLE ASF OMG

    59. Hat 1607

      2021: Fall Guys is NOT DEAD

    60. Graeme Mapstone

      Vik and Toby lol😂

    61. yort

      This was amazing

    62. Devin Talley

      every time i see tobi i die

    63. Luke O'Brien

      17:02 there's always that one guy at a birthday party

    64. Emily. D

      Vik in that costume I can’t even-

    65. Skelly

      2:56 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Tommy Løvik Grindheim

      8:31 poor Jj he’s just getting crushed by everyone, but it’s hilarious😂

    67. dogstar638

      3:30 JJ bullies vik

    68. Ali Hallal

      The outfits were soo funny

    69. Aimee Wheeldon

      1:07 why is this angle such a meme 😭

    70. Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

      what happened to simons lip at 15:28

    71. Daniel Smith

      Tobi at the start looks incredible but toward the 10 min mark he looks deflated

    72. J A Y D E N

      The fastest is the camera man

    73. Asianballerboi

      7:42 missed opportunity for tobi being the fastest influencer

    74. seanyboy83

      Why did josh play tag in 2:07

    75. Charity Wanjiru

      Ilove to play fall gus

    76. Subscribe to me for no reason

      Don't close your eyes and listen I swear

    77. Tanveer Singh


    78. Pluto has_none

      8:42 Tobi 😂

    79. Herman Yey

      12:16 vik’s voice made me laugh straigth for 3 min, ah stop it ah

    80. ZovWy

      Harry is the wiener

    81. CAT

      Rigged, camera man should win

    82. Aditi Gupta

      i still don't understand vik's costume

    83. Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.

      This has me in the floor wheezing y'all shoud do this again why have i just watched this now🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. chris clifton

      6:19 the drone hit Harry in the head 😆

    85. Kilwolski

      Simon is such a try hard at everything😂

    86. Amin Abdul Ghani

      Bruh everyone talkin' bout' Simon winning but what happened to the cameramen

    87. Aquip JB

      listen to this video with ur eyes closed

    88. malik hadi hammad

      6:02 jj got KO ed

    89. teddyzen09

      Hahahaha STOP. BEING. SO. CUTE!

    90. Kani Bunni3

      Omg it’s the people from fall guys

    91. Matthew Green

      I mean 8:43

    92. Matthew Green

      I mean 8:43

    93. Nadia Sheikh

      how to go

    94. hayden dent

      when vik said he cant breath he made me not be able to breath

    95. Michael Glavimans

      9:28 put it on the sidemen clips channel

    96. Narayan Crawford

      12:35 harry did a backflip over the thing!!!!

    97. Squiddy's Yellow


    98. Swat

      This wasn’t JJ vid

    99. Prodigy Nugget

      I love when Tobi said I’m a pineapple

    100. N1ght White