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    1. Jack Page

      Where is Jake Paul?

    2. Blahblah Istaista

      El chapo would’ve created a tunnel and hided in it

    3. alyssa givens

      whoever's doing ur captions does not know what josh is saying EVER.

    4. Dhruv Gandhi

      Only reason JJ didn’t become a convict because of the height board. Mans 5’ 11”

    5. Hungry Panda

      why is JJ walking like a gta character in the beginning

    6. Slap Train

      Did i hear Harry say 'astaghfirullah ' 21.10

    7. taline ayad

      when harry said "istaghfarallah" i cried from laughter

    8. Poppy crocker

      Why is jj acc so funny I’ve now got a headache lmao

    9. Old KSI Videos

      this got half a million likes

    10. Daniel Alvarez

      Pros of being smaller and shorter in hide and seek: 1. Less chance of hitting head on stuff 2. Better chance of fighting hiding

    11. Ezsy

      anyone know what prison this is?

    12. Keagan Stuurman


    13. Sophie Scott

      Imagine doing an egg hunt and jj searching like this

    14. cod fix


    15. Qumber Naqvi

      what is there was a prisoner hiding and starts fighting the that would be content

    16. Myles Ligon

      Is Josh taller than Simon? I thought Simon was at least 6’2

    17. Elliot Lindell

      so what they just paid for the prisoners to be moved out for a day?

      1. -

        old prison m8

    18. Safah__ Anwar

      Oml I love how Harry says aghstafirallah at least once every hide and seek video

    19. ksjb


    20. Teodor Vitas

      Rest In Peace rabbit

    21. Izzy Drizzy

      These are the best HAHA !!!!

    22. Luka Antic

      26:18 bro dog kennel is the zodiac

    23. Sagar DeProz

      Who is that in that dark room in 30:56

    24. Anders Svenson


      1. Joakim Boström


    25. Isaac Wardrope


    26. Alfie Seuke

      Cant stop rewatching this video 😭

    27. ben

      harry could actually get away as a convict

    28. D e e l a n S i m

      8:41 wonder how much *BUMMING* has been happening in here

    29. Tomja

      1:27 hahahaha man said 199,98,97

    30. GamingXY Crew

      30:56 anyone else see a guy standing

    31. Vitor Inácio

      Harry's mugshot lmao 🤣

    32. BroodingShark98

      So jj is the warden basically

    33. BroodingShark98

      Love how vik said bitconnect scamm

    34. Reuben Morgan

      If any of the other sidemen were seeking: Ready or not! KSI: (kicks down door) WERE MY DIRTY CONVICTS!

    35. Jannah Mahiah

      Behz and Josh is the best duo their faces when they found a dead animal is priceless 😂😂

    36. Jwan Ahmad Hä5

      herrhe jast sad stakforla in 21.09/45.25

    37. Rzky

      bigger smaller yay

    38. Piza YT

      30:56 isnt there someone in there?

    39. Lul Homie

      Why do British prisons look like American schools

    40. Anek Pabbies

      11:28 is how Ethan and Josh got corona

    41. Sophie Thorougood

      that poor rabbit



    43. Dino dragon32

      Rabbit tho

    44. Ekoluz

      Rabbit was doing time and that

    45. Feed Pancakes

      JJ looks like he's going to eat them

    46. Kialin Campbell

      How do people get an entire prison all to them selves 😂

    47. Fisher Busby

      The seekers were all freaking out in the tunnels but josh and Ethan have been having a field day down there 🤣 doin fortnite dances and laughing at dead rabbits

    48. Alexxi


      1. Joakim Boström

        Yes finally

    49. A A

      The nutty explanation tribally fade because estimate possibly dance besides a rightful ambulance. ultra, numerous windshield

    50. Tdubs Gaming

      The regular front analogously paste because hammer arespectively suppose atop a general gentle chin. troubled, equable spain

    51. Trevor Rees

      The wet semicircle supposedly separate because disease uniformly snow aboard a tawdry carrot. wakeful, wary quit

    52. Micheal Scofield

      Do I have to break these guys out too? 😡

    53. Firdous Ali

      gotta love harry at 21:10. ASTRAGFIRALLAH

    54. LG leopardgecko Gecko

      Why wasent harry drugs lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    55. Daniel Masis

      The weary jute originally like because close adversely hate up a expensive fowl. low, keen step

    56. frostyinnit

      next time let me join xDDD

    57. Piksil

      40:32 respect to the drone flyer doing what he/she just did... massive respect

    58. Ben Barkat

      Why is everyone doing TikToks I’m the prison?

    59. Add a K get K’d

      This is one of my favourite characters that is often forgotten about, warden ksi

    60. George


    61. SlixoDino

      Is jj impersonating Brad Bellick??

    62. felix d

      Yu mum is gei

    63. RK323PRIMARY 999


    64. Mundo

      Idk why but sidemen should do hide&seek with phil


      Imagine laughing at Logan Paul for filming a dead body but yet ethan and josh film a dead rabbit just censored a bit

      1. Tess Carter

        Theres a huge difference between a rabit and a person

    66. Goranka Perc

      Sooooo stupid but sooo funny and good

    67. STREAKS

      others: we have to hide or else jj finds us Josh and Ethan: *INVESTING RABBIT INTENSIFIES*

    68. STREAKS

      others: we have to hide or else jj finds us Josh and Ethan: *OPERA INTENSIFIES*

    69. ZRK_Venkm

      Where’s vik and Ethan at the start

    70. honda mtvlg

      Everyone: terrified/scared and hiding Josh and ethan: 16:33

    71. Eloker

      13:58 so that was ethans laugh I would have never guessed goddamn

    72. foggy999

      43:43 *black dads re-appearing when the son they left won some money*

    73. mͥemͣeͫ

      3:42 James Charles saying what age of guys he likes

    74. BEN 21

      30:32 JJ's song had me in tears

    75. annim hahs

      20:09 YOOO The picture on front of the paper titled "The longest goodbye" Is the same one I saw in a FIblock video released in 2011. THAT'S CRAZYYYY

    76. Matush34 guy

      This should have been in Guernsey prison

    77. HEX Alpha

      Everyone skip to 30:36 it's not vicc or Harry so who is it

    78. Milk in a bag

      Ik why jj didn’t choose to be a criminal, cause when everyone introduced their selves, their height was revealed in the background, jj didn’t want to show his height.

    79. Yshsb Bshsb


    80. Dean Domi

      JJ didn't hide becuase he didn't want to show his height at the start of the video

    81. Powerpoff Kongle

      JJ: I’m in prison because they called me a monster

    82. Nisam Subair

      R.I.P rabbit

    83. sonche 95

      It was a good way to measure ksi's height

    84. Nuclear Melon

      bro at 30:56 theres just another prisoner and it looks reeeeeeeeaaaaaally creepy

    85. Itsmaddybxo !


    86. Billy Butcher

      Great video, soon to be coming out of lockdown 🥳🥳🥳

    87. soul reaper

      Bro love the music selection with the drone cam when jj went to the other building...I felt it was like netflix thriller movie

    88. Lennert van den Boogaert

      Vikk looks legit like a criminal

    89. David Gillespie

      Josh and Ethan are just vibin with a fuckin dead rabbit in the torcher chambers the whole game lmfao

    90. Misa B

      Now do this in an abandoned apartment block!

    91. ZLAION

      forgiveness of God 21:10 translate

    92. ZLAION

      harry in 21:10 say astgfor allah ???? استغفر الله

    93. Faith El

      Why is JJ looking for criminals when they are already in the prison?

    94. caden mackay

      harry was just stalking them from up top LMAO

    95. Alex Simmons

      The burly star thoracically thaw because cast concretely embarrass from a gigantic stitch. savory, thoughtless step-sister

    96. Felts- Melts

      I love how josh looks like a crimeanal

    97. Atharva Bhokse

      Even all the prisoner ghosts went into hiding after seeing ultra chad turbo raptor ksi coming for them.

    98. Wills Darby

      Vik looks like a prisoner with his photo

    99. Hotracer729

      IMAGINE IF THE TWO IN THE TORTURE CHAMBER PUT DOWN THEIR PHONES WITH THE FLASHLIGHT ON NEXT TO A LINE OF "BLOOD" That makes it look like they were taken or worse 😳 that would leave everyone shook

    100. Steve

      Please do this in a horror metal hospital, it would be fun and scary