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    1. i d z n i 円ケヹ

      Harry: Look at the state of this, he is gonna see me straight away. *Moments Later*: Harry gets found last.

    2. Jason Dourado

      That tobi meeting killed me LOL

    3. Violates

      So what demon spirit was holding that door closed? 😳

    4. C0ST4 PI4N0C0V3RS

      This channel is on another level! Love them so much

    5. Bob

      Harry was still looking for a spot and he won

    6. Iain McNabb

      Does anyone know the song in the intro 👀

    7. Uday Sharma

      one of their best videos tbvfh

    8. Janine Fourie

      I just liked because of JJ laugh lol!

    9. Fts Montage

      12:40 VIK JUST GOT BLANKED😂😭

    10. tarun98

      28:50 "HARRY? "*looks behid sofa* IM DEAD LMAOO

    11. SLIME JR

      I was really out here trying to wipe the rain drops off my phone screen😂😭

    12. Tyger Collins Year 4


    13. Keenan Yoshikawa

      calfreezy lowkey could pass as elon musks brother

    14. PointBreakGaming

      It looked like vik was wearing maverick merch 😂

    15. Emie M

      Why was simon and cal under the table chats the best part of the video 😂😂😂

    16. Mollie Grant

      I want them to post one of these but the whole thing like no editing idc how long it is the whole thing

    17. Adam Doyle

      16:30 is a bit sus

    18. Papi Chulo

      When playing hide & seek through my childhood with my siblings & cousins we would always need to pee when hiding. How bout y’all?

    19. zonc



      🤩🙉👌😜 helll..

    21. Vansh Negi

      I think freezy and Elon Musk are siblings

    22. Nitr0 Eu

      Harry: I’m bored I’m gonna find them seekers (runs around castle trying to find them) Seekers: WhErE Is HaRrY

    23. Merlenda Vilda

      I have a great hiding spot! Nxt to meh bed

    24. cold coffee icecream

      There was clearly a ghost playing hide & seek with them!!

    25. Diana Campos

      I love how tobi is doing his own thing he’s literally having his own conference 😂😂😂

    26. Ras Ecno

      I would vote for Tobi is hes running for prime minister bruv haha

    27. Paul Vella

      They broke so Many things 😂

    28. Randy Canela

      Wtf was king tobi doing 😂😂

    29. Tai Bach


    30. will_ finesse

      19:11 Tobi is a legend

    31. Riley Baker

      JJ’s laugh is so infectious. Every time he laughs I laugh.

    32. Mousa Taher

      I love how tobi is always a good person

    33. Annie Aroha

      the two tallest squashing under the reception desk is A1 😫😂

    34. Juicy Tenderloin

      freezy and simon cuddling under the desk is so cute lol

    35. Demi Geer

      harry: im cripaled

    36. QuakkeZA

      Anyone know the name of this background music 8:13

    37. Matti Plays


    38. Master Of Memes

      Oh Wooooooooooow In The Castle 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Cian Smyth

      Can u do fall guys sidemen

    40. celly tjay

      Imagine getting caught and hiding again and not winning

    41. FrenzyBoi

      What if someone hid in the chimney?

    42. UpperNimbus

      Freezy looks like a young Elon Musk.

    43. Charles O’Neil

      Ok is freezy a sidemen?

    44. Megan Thomas-brightman

      imagine a sidemen hide and seek video where phil is the seeker

    45. Lucy Kerr

      Freezy and Simon whispering was toooooo funny ahahahah

    46. serah kairu

      this is so awesome

    47. Double F

      They destroyed so many things in the castle 😂😂😂

    48. bellagena

      2:52 R.I.P. Ethans phone

    49. Harit Patel

      are we not gonna talk about jj and ethan fighting the door

    50. V1p3D_ SKuLL

      Hidemen Side and Seek

    51. Floppysaurs Rex

      is it bad i didnt notice josh was gone

    52. Ethan Williams

      17:29 behz: no he didn't :| 😂

    53. MaskOn

      2:50 am i the only one that noticed ethan's phone fall out his pocket

    54. Celia Ferreira

      The dull honey putatively hop because trowel pathogenetically protect around a cooperative pie. hoc, ubiquitous puffin

    55. Bradley Davies

      Bet this has been said before but why does joshes cam say freezy haha

    56. Scarlett Fairhurst

      Did anyone else notice Ethan’s phone dropping at the beginning 😂

    57. Zaid Othman

      Hide and seek around England

    58. Tutorials and Lets Plays

      The difficult brake nationally pine because chill expectably use save a super invention. succinct, unadvised icebreaker

    59. Tuck Dawg

      JJ: the worst seeker JJ the worst hider JJ stick to your try not to laugh

    60. Jamal Kamara

      I am crying from JJ and Ethan at the end😂😂😂

    61. Jamal Kamara

      I love the Tobi segment

    62. whiteboy son

      Tobi is a goat

    63. Amir Khaleghy

      جی جی گفت بخورش؟ 5:50

    64. nodleman

      Tobi's bit was amazing. Loved it.

    65. DBLegends Z

      "Harry The Explorer"

    66. DBLegends Z

      JJ and Josh was scared of the castle they thought there was someone on the door

    67. Velper Gaming

      That tobi segment is pure "content"

    68. Velper Gaming

      I really do need more hide and seek

    69. LViiZxMz Martinex

      Bet mostly all of they're laugh's are fake.

    70. Brandon Lira

      That was definitely a ghost 9:55

    71. 5DB Kain

      2:52 rip ethans phone

    72. VideoBasilisk 86

      No one: JJ: ahahaahahahah

    73. JIV

      24:54 Harry confusedly walking down stairs can see him through window

    74. gjgjjgjgncnfnf fjfjfnf

      JJ said " Last time I checked..."

    75. Hani Khomeis

      Where is josh

    76. Dreeph

      these are so freaking enjoyable to watch im going to binge all of them I stg

    77. Del Redway

      mans were chasing a ghost🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. EricLln

      2:51 ethan dropped his phone lol

    79. MegaNationalist

      Was that a ghost behind the door they couldn't open

    80. YouDoneDankedIt

      19:40 Harry: "Ok I'm getting out of here... *not today spirits*" 😂😂

    81. Foghorn Campbell

      i love a double add every 5mins

    82. Alexis Abundiz

      It’s not the same we need josh back rather him

    83. Alexis Abundiz

      I just got back to watching the sidemen who is that other guy I don’t know him

    84. GTA5_YT

      hello jj if u see this im a tv or a square

    85. It’s Megan Inacio

      Cal and Simon had me creasing 🤣

    86. J.W

      Tobi is such a G

      1. MEME #W


    87. oliver donaldson


    88. Matthew Finis

      25:08 ohh so that’s how they afforded the castle

    89. abdo yahya

      JJ laugh at the beginning😂

    90. Matthew Finis

      I hope they didn’t have to puta deposit on this place...

    91. The Lozza로렌스

      Vikk would play chess whilst waiting 😂

    92. JOLT

      Or in viks case. Hide from the neek.

    93. Brendan Passarell

      The noxious rose adventitiously plan because water broadly curve afore a interesting shoe. ruthless, barbarous editor

    94. Eric Cartman

      6:55 greatest dance I’ve ever seen

    95. helena doherty


    96. James Hall


    97. James Hall

      Is know one going to talk about when Ethan ran he dropped his phone 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Olli exton

      when ethan dropped his phone

    99. Roulderiz

      Sneeze Corona

    100. Jack Walker

      How has no one mentioned the fact that Ethan dropped his phone when he started running 😂😂