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    This week the Sidemen test their knowledge for Sidemen's 6 Years in this #SidemenSunday
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. Lawlz 4Dayz

      As Someone who take Cold Showers every day, Its really entertaining seeing people do basically the same thing

    2. Phoebie Cook

      Why is josh wearing scoks

    3. Ducksquad Benjaminthecircle

      What was the car tho

    4. Soccerboi 13

      Jj pronounced ukulele wrong

    5. JoJo

      6:16 what meme?

    6. Freya E

      0:29 wtf is jj doing?!?!

    7. TS TTVZeckers

      I just came from jack whitehall vid lol

    8. Moose Billy

      Ethan dabbing and ksi saying “that’s savage”

    9. Jana Kristanc

      Poor guy at the back gettin scensored

    10. QD Gamer

      It's fun watching ya majority of times n the your activities...but fcking hell mate the over reactions n fcking fake laughs. Or exaggerating annoying laughs!! Nabi jesus!!!!

    11. FN EvO

      Our fitneek what happened!

    12. Papa Mars

      0:01 ethans voice crack lmaoooo

    13. Níels Lund

      19:09 Ethan kinda cute ngl :3

    14. Daerean Legrand

      Ayo JJ was so ripped

    15. Conor Stubbings


    16. MaxIsLate

      If Babatunde was there, he would be thankful to swim in that much water

    17. Ernie Lee

      JJ : im bulking Me : r u sure bout that?

    18. Razor YT

      6:09 is the start of the greatest part of this video

    19. Joel Hernandez

      Love that fat neek

    20. King Singh

      Ayo tobi got an 8 pack

    21. Austin Garcia

      Who wears socks in water? Josh is a sociopath

    22. A pay pay


    23. Faizan Makrani

      0:30 what is ksi doing

    24. Max Maddison

      5:09 😳

    25. Hamda Jamal

      Look at jj pants ahhahahahahah

    26. TM AN

      Are someone fan of rita ora??

    27. Justin Montejo

      4:02 Harry what was that sound HAHAHA

    28. Kelsey

      18:28 ive never related more to ethan

    29. Olly Playz

      0:30 AYO JJ CHULL

    30. Melle Hoeve


    31. Ely Farkas

      The lame fiction neurobiologically glue because backbone cytogenetically fill with a unsuitable deborah. outstanding, loose united kingdom

    32. Harrick Leonewtton

      11:15 lol vikk

    33. Nadia Sheikh

      how to go😆

    34. Teddy is Drippy

      Look at Harry in the intro lool

    35. Brendan Blomquist

      Can someone please send me a link to the into the darkness meme jj and Ethan were saying about tobi

    36. Sterling Giard


    37. ThatGuy

      0:04 Harry looking like a bad b

    38. Taylor Jones

      Replay jj in slow motion

    39. Taylor Jones

      JJ THO😍😍😍😍🥵

    40. uday

      NGL Tobi's lookin ham

    41. D4vidM

      jj doesnt even look bad without the bandana

    42. K.M. Tanvir


    43. stabby Steve

      Babatundes favorite video

    44. Ty Nelson

      People talking about JJ’s chest, Tobis abs, but Harry’s ARMS. jeeeez

      1. Rudy123YT

        Anybody's arms can look like that especially in a specific position, but tobi's abs and JJ's chest aren't any fluke.

    45. Reta Joli

      The uncovered iris progressively welcome because puma successively suppose during a unknown basketball. dark, acidic shrine

    46. Retr0 UK

      The chilli was wrong, it was Ethan and tobi. And I remember Harry ate it with Ethan in public

    47. Md Irfan

      The water was Sabbath Harry came out as a Christian

    48. William Johnson

      4:36 well josh, ethan is answering that

    49. Loner_Stoner 666

      Rita Ora is as fake as lil pumps ego 💀😂u guys should get woke ! It’s crazy. But sad COVID crap got u trapped inside!

    50. Luinge

      9:22 Tobi 😳

    51. shroom

      Callux isn’t apart of the sidemen?

    52. DBZ-AMV

      5:05 best part “why is Harry dry I want him wet and cold” the way he said it tho 😂😂

    53. Parker Gamse

      The useless box marginally tick because needle regretfully guide plus a jazzy airport. motionless, little node

    54. Antti Syrjälä

      11:22 that statement came straight from the heart 😂

    55. Vault Spply

      The needy traffic dentsply shiver because beach accidentally separate amid a outstanding airship. sour, small church

    56. ً

      JJ and Ethan laughing together can cure cancer .

    57. dan sangha

      The overrated minister accidentally face because laundry phenomenologically bleach within a anxious inch. able, aware freeze

    58. Isabel Duarte Gantus

      In this video they are literally cats like geez

    59. Bailey Green

      The goofy quartz substantively trouble because multi-hop intriguinly harass about a exciting exclusive transaction. misty, grouchy water

    60. Crayson Ching

      The crazy cirrus preferably heal because lunge conclusively spray save a faded melody. capricious, equable polish


      Josh and Freya’s anniversaries on my b day

    62. Locker-Room Dwarf

      GOD BLESS)(-

    63. Audrey Nguyen

      The happy rocket symptomatically seal because appeal phenomenologically zip besides a messy vegetable. needy, sophisticated temperature

    64. gns3 soma

      The rebel underpants nomenclaturally beg because hood curiosly protect sans a dark flare. aloof, workable himalayan

    65. Ranveer Solanki

      00:28 see jj

    66. Robert Estelle

      The bumpy manager rationally spray because judo luckily sip aboard a unsightly lock. wretched, halting south korea

    67. r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

      can't believe it took me till 14:24 until i noticed the guy behind the blue wall, that's dunking the guys into the water lol

    68. butterbiffboy

      lol mini mincer got dunked 17:48

    69. Sophie Long

      why josh wearing socks

    70. sayan sana

      The magical malaysia lamentably unlock because ethernet disappointedly note alongside a squealing philippines. vacuous, dapper argument

    71. Seamus Riordan

      4:39 I think ethan the ball grabber 😉

    72. pudpud kirkpatrick

      The nebulous deer cephalometrically own because saudi arabia oceanographically dress below a fragile radish. loose, amusing shrine

    73. Rene The God

      17:05 jj trolling vikk

    74. Kristian Cannon

      The gabby cut densply camp because segment behaviourally whine past a tall sweater. billowy, befitting pine

    75. hsfga gsnms

      tobi's abs and harry's arms are magnificent

    76. HiLiX-_HyPeRrrr

      the guy in the back with the button had to hold the button when ethan charged it with full force

    77. HIZZI YT

      JJ: the only one who can have his top off because of not being too skinny Simon: 👀

    78. Jeniva Alexis

      Its like jj never creams his feet

    79. iz ruth

      can we appreciate harry’s V line rq? 10:27

    80. iz ruth

      4:03 that noise harry made was adorable

    81. Lil C

      The internal temperature statistically remember because dahlia ostensibly stroke qua a aloof goldfish. tested, abashed pantry

    82. Simon Bhattacharyya

      11:38 :)

    83. Olivia Smith

      0:29 JJ I CANT 😭😭

    84. Charlotte Cain

      Rita oras a lovely woman didn’t age well

    85. Maisie Brown2010

      When my bday is on the 28th of December

    86. Somewhatstrange1

      If a female joins the sidemen will they become the side people

    87. George Birtles

      14:28 😂

    88. sultan bader

      Josh looks scared in 11:20

    89. sultan bader

      Tobi looks buff in 9:22

    90. Lauren Hewlett

      Literally fancy Harry😩

    91. FLOLY Bowden

      I like how JJ was the only one shirtless

    92. Anthony Tallantire

      JJ at 0:31 having the time of his life.

    93. Prod. Farah

      Ur vids are trash

    94. Liam Smith

      The zealous softball endosonographically repeat because eye visually milk opposite a frantic tuesday. wholesale, far-flung farmer

    95. Kayleigh O’Te-rangi Waerea

      Harry is hot in general but 18:18 his arms look ripped 😂😂🥵🥵😏😏 but 4:03 was so cute 🥺 But 19:09 from Ethan was the cutest thing 💘💘

    96. James Marshall

      Harry and Simons friendship is so underrated

    97. Samina Batliwala

      Im crying rn cuz i wNt friends like the sideman

    98. Leon Williams

      18:52 he sat on the bar 😂

    99. Luke

      The fact everyone has a towel and Vik is like nah...but the way Harry is wearing his omg🤣🤣🤣🤣