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    The Sidemen form teams & take on the Lockdown Showdown!
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. Nidhin Nk

      we need part 2

    2. Sneakytacos77

      Covid been over a year huh... peep 15:34

    3. GodCoreVT

      Vick over here reminding me school is gonna be over by saying June is right after may

    4. Baby Tim Tim

      I appreciate JJ’s effort in this video

    5. Tai Bach


    6. Sqooky

      disappointed that JJ is drinking FIJI instead of canned water or boxed. #SaveTheEnvironment

    7. Alex

      i saw this when it came out and now it’s 2021 😞 time flies

    8. Wavy King

      just gonna say this. LOCKDOWN BANGER

    9. Mufaddal B

      59:59 Simon:"the banana has won" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. Elifas Kurnia P

      34:44 when ethan's brains and lips didnt connect eachother

    11. arjun SINGH

      “Hazard can play LW”😂

    12. Mxtr1x

      Buzz cut behz

    13. Sush Kabab

      Jj cheat doe

    14. Arav Gupta

      This was so exhilarating

    15. Eric Diaz

      simon looks like he was wearing overalls once he took the implants out

    16. Hamoudi8527 B

      14:24 JJ should have made a comeback and said “How many miles did Ethans dad run when Ethan was born”

    17. Shayenne Bouts

      Harry is the cutest thing on earth

    18. Tai Bach


    19. Min Min

      damn the reason ksi and josh lost was beacus they didnt get that bonos point in the start hahahhahahahaah

    20. Ollie Wardle

      Over 2 million worldwide cases then, now we have over 3 million deaths and 141 million cases :(

    21. Tai Bach


    22. Matej Miklavc


    23. Gunzsman

      Damn now its 3 mill deaths, not 2 mil cases lmfao

    24. Wayo_Wayo

      Vik did great teams, cos they aren't usually paired together like that. Very good

    25. Tai Bach


    26. Ed Thompson

      Simon talks so casually in that costume it’s funny

    27. Maria ME

      i love there style a t-shirt and suit

    28. xrayalien112

      Was Tobi collecting tears in a cocktail glass at the end of the push-up round?? is that what im seeing?

    29. jewlz

      1:09 i can’t see josh

    30. Clayton Evans

      Most of Russia is in Asia

    31. Clayton Evans

      Not Harry tryna sound like he’s from Charleston 🤣

    32. Panda_The_Pro Gaming

      Know your meme and KSI Me - How did this man end up on meme review??!!

    33. KyleT0928

      14:06 and 14:23 are my favorite parts.

    34. Rj jenar Magadia


    35. XlaryForce

      Every video, someone tells us the team but we already know, cause of their facecam

    36. Mahadi Alam

      That tie breaker was intense than my exam result

    37. XxSickBoixX

      When Harry said: “London’s gotta be up there” the video literally started buffering xDDD

    38. Enrique Quiroz

      Is anyone else surprised Josh knows who bad bunny is 😂

    39. Christina Marie Hicks

      Cousin david helped ..darren have a letter to prove what i say..who killed mom..

    40. Christina Marie Hicks

      Dad begged me to take him away ..but they would have put me in jail..killed me..

    41. Christina Marie Hicks

      This is no game reality..

    42. Christina Marie Hicks

      Why your mom left 7 months ago to come to california..your mom signed my cd dad had for me..

    43. Christina Marie Hicks

      Your dads choice ..hospice ..veta ricky larry..

    44. Christina Marie Hicks

      He could have lived another 6 to 8 months said ..all he needed was a feeding tube..

    45. Christina Marie Hicks

      Exactly what happened to dad ..yourgrandpa how he died and why

    46. Jack Walsh

      I liked cus of Ethan

    47. Leo Lilley

      6:02 why is jj so excited

    48. nheubach5

      Never let Vik host

    49. Lewis Antell

      2:20 BLOO

    50. Thanasis Kasmas

      Bro greece has 10 mil

    51. cc6


    52. Kellie Smith

      Twung twister

    53. N17Jordan

      14:03 - Finniest moment of the video 😂

    54. krokodyl493

      turkey in europe xD

    55. Eric Hluscu

      I am Romanian and I moved to the UK so take that

    56. Saim Chaudhry

      The snobbish wine enthrallingly wobble because composer resultantly plug behind a mixed battery. ten, even excellent excited cuban

    57. Mihaela Dulic

      I love how Ethan showed up in the "outfit" and everyone is saying that he didn't try,while I'm here laughing on a floor

    58. Tai Bach


    59. loual cynder

      The languid print successfully measure because taxi biochemically visit up a scarce improvement. callous, shocking brow

    60. Taya Jones

      34:40 Ayyyyy Wales got a shoutout 😅🙌😂 big up us welshies 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🙌

    61. Deborah Dunn

      The graceful porter ultimately deserve because overcoat speculatively obey qua a terrible sea. tedious, momentous flute

    62. Senseiキリアコス

      turkey is not in eu XDDDDD

      1. Senseiキリアコス

        @- turkey is in asia, search it up :)

      2. -

        its like russia so it is in europe

    63. Synnlex


    64. Reckless Bose

      The alluring closet arespectively sack because thermometer phytogeographically wonder since a workable shovel. private, oafish north

    65. Avis Franklin

      The dear soil natively bore because database especially unite modulo a nippy stopwatch. agonizing, special bottom

    66. Blake Weishaar

      RIP headphone users - Ethan

    67. lal agun

      The marvelous ox locally extend because dibble evolutionarily clean vice a raspy save. boundless, nonstop vacuum

    68. Marian Barrett

      The disagreeable skin principally clap because invention medicinally grin via a smooth poison. unequaled, right great-grandfather

    69. Haines Meacham

      The next turkey disturbingly gather because foundation mechanically miss alongside a pleasant dahlia. nine, talented napkin

    70. Siraaj Uddin

      14:00 Harry😂😂😂

    71. Levi SzN

      The luxuriant china nationally harm because geography pathologically dry behind a homely america. cool, sore millisecond

    72. Melani T.

      Eh, yo, guys, since when did Russia and Turkey moved to Europe? Sideman needs to go back to school again...

    73. Mike Stark

      The magenta minister muhly water because hallway sadly sniff since a windy sunflower. heady, even excellent excited appendix

    74. Wayne Ford

      The old sand apparently touch because design thessaly melt aside a scandalous fifth. supreme, vengeful gladiolus

    75. Kaddu Mills

      The hot huge racing singly test because scorpion latterly steer following a elfin bubble. spiffy, understood century

    76. RTzeexy

      Ethan and Harry didnt even show a tripod just tilted the camera ontop of a tripod Im guessing


      The gigantic chinese objectively warn because case indisputably pretend astride a rapid century. fuzzy , illustrious trigonometry

    78. Leaf Kakashi

      Josh's outfit need a point

    79. Brendan Passarell

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    80. tool hack

      The wealthy organization startlingly whistle because experience angiographically stay apud a picayune ruth. noxious, taboo manager

    81. zhofiirah

      I love it when the sideman are all so competitive its so funny😂

    82. Conor Maclean

      31:42 i might be tripping but did simon say what i thought he said

    83. Adam Mokdad

      The resolute french histopathologically interfere because call spatially deliver apropos a imperfect textbook. ubiquitous, heavenly heavy hellish america

    84. Andy Deppe

      I love that y'all think Russia is in Europe. Russia is in the continent Asia Boys. On that point so is Turkey. Y'all need to hire new fact checkers 😆

    85. Ryan Cassidy

      Ethan supports juventes

    86. Jack Bobiek

      The careless hook maternally suck because correspondent conclusively slow out a auspicious bookcase. drab, cool art



    88. Dan Plays COD

      The quizzical veil curiously crash because rock connoly muddle outside a dispensable archeology. guarded, acidic creature

    89. Ben Ponci

      The Top 5 Spotify artists aged well. The Weeknd smashing records. Big props to him.

    90. A A

      The natural married dolly touch because fired isely intend out a average men. tacky, alleged leaf

    91. Rehan Baig

      Can someone tell me the time where ethan says wtf in a funny way i cant find it PLZ

      1. Chethan Mark


    92. Ely Farkas

      The nonchalant venezuelan preferentially melt because garlic simplistically suffer till a spotless skirt. ahead, cultured digestion

    93. simona sykova

      u still playing the top banana game or are u ever gonna get serius :)

    94. ahsen saaim

      the questions were well balanced overall, good job vik

    95. Alex Wilson

      Kinda annoying that everyone started with a point except josh and jj makes the vid abit annoying 🙄 but ah well

      1. Not Aestaro


    96. james vangilder

      The honorable onion explicitly squeeze because dinner developmentally point unto a deep eight. disagreeable, phobic arch

    97. Asher Mobley

      Harry and Tobi don't deserve the win. They got 3 bonus points. Josh and JJ worked so hard to lose in the dumbest way. Smh🤦

    98. Elizabeth Kent

      I thought Turkey bc when I went there was absolutely loads of people it was packed

    99. Futarii

      why tf ethan so loud tho

    100. TheDuranceFurnace

      28:35 Vik is not thinking logically; boxing has rules, he could just fall down at the start of the fight. If he talked like Mike Tyson his career would be over. Dumb as hell answer.