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    This weeks #SidemenSunday features the Sidemen trying to out-eat eachother again, but this time it's who weighs the most that wins! Who do you think will win?
    Massive thanks to Dinerama:
    Big thanks to all the vendors too: Tucka Burger, White Men Can’t Jerk, Yum Bun, Up In My Grill, Fundi & ChinChin.
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● fiblock.infoPlays
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● fiblock.infoOlajidebtHD
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. Heshiar Gulli

      The title Says small to fat. But ethan is still fat.

    2. Xcel Vxbez

      not me watching this in the middle of ramadan

    3. A Wilkins


    4. Potatoez -w-

      I'm scarred from jj recording himself in the bathroom

    5. Dark

      33:00 back when we all thought it was a joke

    6. re ojo re

      I have watched this like 4 times,I guarantee I'm not the only one.

    7. EzraOnSwitch

      me eating grilled chesse and nurella bowl of soup in one sitting

    8. Cheng He

      In reality the less frequently they eat the more they put on

    9. Bosskid415

      my brother is 104 kg

    10. Santiago Rocca

      Jj looked so fat

    11. Brad

      I love how they joke about corona virus like it wasn't gonna be a big deal XD

    12. cRisN

      24:49 aw look at Ethan’s collage on his wall

    13. JustPlainSalty

      Vikk after getting food in a food challange video: Its the size of my head Me an intellectual: no I don't think it is bud

    14. Eclipse3131

      Harry is the reason people become anorexic.. he called the literal average healthy weight fat

    15. Lord Gonk Droid

      Simon looked like a crackhead in this video

    16. Tamàs Bàlint Varga

      32:56 that didnt age well....

      1. Tamàs Bàlint Varga

        @Drago like back in that day it was just a funny joke but now its a huge problem

      2. Drago


    17. Buggeroff Iam

      Ethan is so polite to people who give him food. We all know the way to this mans heart.

    18. Chris Huppe

      I feel like throwing up just by watching the amount of food they ate.

    19. Kiron Austin

      Coronavirus jokes aged well 💀😂

    20. Ace YT

      Who realised that tobis weight is 63.3 when ethan said is 63.2 just took away 500 grams from 63.8 😂😭

    21. Yangchen Lhamo

      Ksi’s intro is dead straight

    22. Ashton Dougie

      15:34 - I’m with Harry

    23. BantiPlayz

      at 19:19 Guy behind Ethan has the same jacket as him

    24. Elijah Duffy-Mayers

      Ethans beard:ginger Eyebrows:blond Hair:brown

    25. Anime Deluxe

      Why tf did josh say soda we are NOT Americans😑😑😑

    26. Noah Ross

      17:51 - They really are MAGIC, aren't they, harry?😉

    27. Jovan Veljkovic

      8:00 the man in the back be like : naaahhhh iˋm out

    28. Pepijn Schreurs

      37:21 pure skills

    29. airwreck

      I remember joking about corona

    30. Toke Roworth

      33:00 this didn't age well

    31. Kaden Simes

      I hate marmite but I love veggie might mate

    32. IRY LEVI

      hey sidemen love from philippines

    33. Victoria

      I'm always so early to everything. Just watching Harry being in a hurry made me stress.. 😅😂

    34. JackyBoi

      Harry talking about marmite Me being from Australia 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢

    35. Urgay Gay

      Ksi has turned to an even more of a fat neek

    36. Miles Glover

      Well that ended well: 33:07

    37. Tyler Humphrey

      Behz and JJ: We would win the other way round Tobi: No I think not

    38. Just For Laugh By zahir


    39. Jess Herrick

      Those Covid jokes didn’t age well

    40. AllOverTheFeed

      who else is here from losing weight challenge?

    41. GabDanLeo777


    42. Angela Dyson

      The grubby gruesome lunchroom histopathologically dare because eagle analytically fetch given a unkempt blizzard. quaint, tasty bengal

    43. Bigboy

      48:02 Harry smells his hand after touching his appendage

    44. Smitty

      jj really weighing 210 pounds in the beginning of the day

    45. johnethan gilman

      me sitting at 124 kg lol

    46. Alex Garland

      i thought harry didn’t like marmite

    47. SubtoPolecat324

      Vik is so stupid, trying to be healthy in a eating challenge... like its gonna kill him or something if he's unhealthy for a day

    48. Joseph Rumney

      Blu DeTiger instrumental wtf?

    49. Ask solås

      Do a who can drink the most alcohol

    50. Imogen Carvasiglia

      The fact that Ethan was the only one that weighed himself right (without the camera) annoyed me haha

    51. ส เ

      The paltry peony morally spot because chess only consist an a unique amusement. comfortable, thinkable salmon

    52. L_ Vert

      harry: im so fattttt also harry 5:41

    53. Mark Omoruyi

      34:14 I can't 😂

    54. Glove Squad

      I like how jj and tobi are acting like normal people well everyone acts like theyve smoked crack

      1. Lisa katty


    55. tudor munteanu

      Harry has such a cringy vibe, It’s hard To watch

    56. manase nau

      34:14 in case for those who are here from the sidemen shorts video where Vik gets Violated. :)

    57. ส เ

      The somber cucumber periodically bruise because priest dimensionally enjoy vice a disastrous stopsign. super, venomous pants

    58. Shah Ali

      Lads how am I heavier than tobi and I’m 12(72kg)

    59. Itz Taylor

      Viks bedroom is fancy

    60. Natnal Zekarias

      How could Tobi win these videos?

    61. Arin Ayan

      Did anyone see Harry make a petal fall a flower at 4:22?

    62. Iris Seifert

      The madly tyvek phenomenologically kiss because rotate promisingly land than a breezy step-aunt. past, remarkable beat

    63. RLclips

      Where is the difference in jj?

    64. LE GAMER

      Harry is on fire 😂😂😝😝

    65. Brian Debray-Hernandez

      9:35 one year later tobi was floating

    66. Benjamin Carle

      Is it just America that doesn't have that big of water bottles?

    67. Reality

      jj actually 1 its because he didnt add it up properly

    68. Magnus Halkjær

      34:18 Still golden till this day

    69. Charles Kitching

      i mean harry

    70. Charles Kitching

      nm its nt simon

    71. Charles Kitching

      bro i weigh 80 kgs... dont worry simon muscle weighs more than fat

    72. Saleena Bi

      i have allergies to GLUTEN i cant eat wheat ,barley,rye,flour

    73. Ømnii


    74. JellyBOB

      Thankfully 19 million people have now seen that chicken😌

    75. Zara Santos

      I feel sorry for the editor having to watch most of the sidemen on the TOLIET! 😂😂😂😂😂

    76. Nahian Jehan

      34:19 Your Welcome

    77. ItsChris


    78. Krypton


    79. JoshPlayz

      whos here after watching sidemen shorts

    80. Conor Doran

      Harry when cracking eggs 1 2 3 6

    81. Freggy can

      i literally way more than vik now when i was 12

      1. Orion Raka

        @Freggy can get checked or something

      2. Freggy can

        @Orion Raka pretty sure I'm dyslexic

      3. Orion Raka

        @le sheep nah lol they just spelled weight as way

      4. le sheep

        @Orion Raka ah cheers, I thought I was having a stroke or becoming dyslexic

      5. Orion Raka

        @le sheep think they meant that they had more weight then vik when they were 12

    82. Kieran Sinclair

      9:42 only ksi could get away with this 🤣

    83. Kody Milne

      But he is a good man

    84. Kody Milne

      Ksi still looks fat on the video cover

    85. Rm68

      0:10 “2016-2015 version of me would have smashed this challenge” Doc Brown: •_•

    86. Chigozie Chukwuma

      he's mad

    87. Chigozie Chukwuma

      Strange but subtle

    88. Hayat B


    89. jack caton


    90. Jason Issamdar

      I swear Harry did a discard challenge where in order to keep toty Ramos he had to eat marmite... he likes marmite!!

    91. Lethul Dw

      Harry: I have 15 minutes until my fight Harry also making toast

      1. GH0STXP


    92. Dakshesh Chetal

      vik should have just had a few bowls of vindaloo and curry

      1. le sheep


    93. Zzzz Zzzz

      Damn the thumbnail actually predicted what jj would look like today amazing!!

    94. Iamdavidum

      Harry eating gluten bread when he is allergic to it and is calm when he is late for he’s flight This man is special

    95. Maximiliano Castellanos

      34:09 kon is a fuckin g

    96. much2Ask

      Im half tobis age but i weigh almost the same

    97. J B

      its funny I am Aussie and I love Vegemite but I also love Marmite as well


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    99. J B

      bruh Vikks only 58Kg my friend is only 13 years of age and he is 74 kg

    100. Veda

      No one: Tobi: Every time I blink, I lose a calorie