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    1. n. w

      Ksi: we got my man looking like a secret agent My man: i am a secret agent how does he know

    2. Oliver Finn

      Love when Cal turns up at 44:26 and notices how battered JJ is hahaha

    3. Lucas Robinson

      18:54 notice how josh and Simon are in six when the pur the glass down

    4. Evan Lewis

      Had to rewatch this

    5. Lee Barr

      Come tae Scotland and what they’ve drunk is less than lightweight up here 😂

    6. toby srey

      Apple juice

    7. Efrain Cervantes

      It’s funny how Ksi is just drinking on the side when they are playing side games

    8. A9l

      18:55 Simon and josh were in sync

    9. MJ Anaya

      I kinda like drunk Vik. He’s a savage

    10. MJ Anaya

      “Though shall not chug wine”~ the 69th commandment

    11. Munnkiboy


    12. Lord Gonk Droid

      Vik was wafflin' after the 1st one

    13. Jacob Evans

      Bro when JJ started freaking out i died.

    14. Caleb Garcia

      Just realized ksi and Ethan traded hats

    15. steven torres

      They need to do this again

    16. Juliexx

      No one: Vikk: Falls in a plant pot 😂

    17. Juliexx

      I can't get Vikk saying 'for the tie breakERRR' out of my head 😂

    18. Lucas Mantovani

      We need a second episode

    19. Juliexx

      JJ: we've got some guy in the woods Logan: 👀

    20. CopyCat

      harry should be like for drivers of london

    21. C J

      JJ is literally the old KSI when he is drunk

    22. Amaan Rehman

      Drinking is haram

    23. izzy frame

      This video never gets old 😂

    24. Muhd Syahiran

      Favourite sidemen Sunday ever

    25. Sophie Brown

      One of their best video ideas

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    27. Neo Mumble

      Simon 53:54 saw saw the afterlife after that drink🤣🤣

    28. Sjors

      Coming back here once a month just to laugh for an hour straight lol

    29. Jacopo Marchi

      bodyguards in the back be like

    30. Mikl 1338

      We need a 2nd one of these

    31. KUKlish

      Vik was cheating.. he used nen

    32. Benjamin Martinez

      35:17 lmfaoo

    33. Gabbie Salloum


    34. united rooster

      i wanna be JUST like the sidemen 😇

    35. Fajr Imran

      JJ got pissed drunk after the first one 😭

    36. XSidx 23

      Best video ever. We need part 2

    37. Summers life

      Idk how no one is talking about this but let's just appreciate that Simon took all the drinks in every round

    38. Sam Lees

      did anyone notice there hats

    39. Vivek Chinnee

      How come the Pub Golf is the best and worst challenge the Sidemen has ever done.

    40. Noah Berger

      This will forever be my favourite sidemen video, please give us pub golf 2

    41. t Y

      I’m gonna rewatch this and drink while I eat a whole chicken

    42. DGHD

      Anyone else who recognises the legands on the TV?? at 18:15

    43. DGHD

      Why does Vik talk so much BS godd 🙄😂😂

    44. Brandon Weller

      I’m honestly loving ethan’s full sleeve tattoo more and more

    45. Anurag J

      Man I swear drunk jj is the best

    46. Anurag J

      These videos gonna be classic in future

    47. The King

      Come to australia and vs me and the boys we’d love to show use how to drink haha

    48. Harry Hearn

      Pin the bandana on JJ!! 😂😂😂 Incredible!

    49. Sammy Boy

      id rather meet a drunk and completely gone jj rather than a running on the street jj

    50. Apurva Bhattacharyya


    51. Sammy Boy

      my favourite sidemen video other than the holiday ones

    52. NR

      lol the end

    53. Taylor baker


    54. The Movie Detective

      Why are they not wearing helmets on the bike

    55. jaja broly

      we need a part 2

    56. Pixie

      Anyone here after the mukbang video?

    57. Willy Joosten

      We need another one

    58. shmet

      JJ is an absolute unit, but is smashed after 1 Sambuca shot and a wine 😂

    59. Seekless Gaming

      43:30 beautiful

    60. Quincy Best

      Anybody just realize Harry’s visor cap is just a hat he cut the top off of? 😂

      1. Quincy Best

        And Ethans

    61. John Campbell

      48:05 security guard pulling some pawgs

    62. Joseph Tomlinson

      27:15 bare card details

    63. Tyreese Abrahams

      Vikstar was Gone 😂😂😂

    64. Vlerke Damne

      Why did tobi not drink wine

    65. Drake The Wizrd

      I can’t stand vikk

    66. Jick Magger

      Lowkey best Sidemen video

    67. Quality Gaming223

      Ksi is a giant baby drunk😂😂😂

    68. Atomyi

      sooooooo where is jj

    69. Brewer Music

      Drink responsibly, we are not role models hahahah

    70. jobin joseph


    71. magnus hedemark

      There NEEDS to be a sequel

    72. Ethan Stockton

      if it was literely anyone else with Ethan they probs would of won.

    73. Hamad Shah

      Ksi- “I respect women” Ksi drunk- “ima punch a women” 😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Elia Palomaa

      This was Harry's biggest wish in that mukbang episode

    75. Marcos B

      coming back to this masterpiece

    76. Barraccuda

      I CANNOT wait for a second pub golf. This is one of the funniest/most entertaining vids ever.

    77. Peepee Man

      30:53 host migration

    78. E M

      the amount of times i’ve rewatched this i’m pretty sure i could recite it😂😭goated vid

    79. wizzlekicks

      This deserves more than 14mil views

    80. Jayden Kembel

      imagine if they played 18 holes

    81. Muhamad Rayada

      Top 1 Sidemen video of all time

    82. Supergoz27

      If Harry and Ethan were on the same team 🤔🤔🤔

    83. jbrynolfsson

      Harry should be the next Bond: dashing, funny and alcohol lover🤩

    84. Miguel

      Old KSI comes out when drunk

    85. Official ✪ KreetZ

      The guy at 22:15 got so happy from that highfive! :)

    86. Molly English

      this is my comfort video

    87. CiaranB3

      18:53 they are synced watch

    88. yaya The great

      One of Ethan funniest moments 1:54

    89. lil s

      The way jj screams I can hear him from a block away and manage to still recognise its jj 39:05

    90. AJAM Games

      Who’s here after Harry put this on goated in his tear list


      50:07 Vik randomly saying ”The Amazing Spiderman”

    92. Aaryan

      . ....... . . ,

    93. Mujtaba Zishan

      18:52: Wasim Akram UK m bhi wahhhh

    94. DaVinciOf TheDead

      The amount of alcohol they drunk could make the liver full

    95. BenJammin

      I have watched this video at least 6 times and it just gets better everytime.

    96. Liam Reilly

      With how much they were drinking, you’d think they were Irish😂 (PS I am Irish, and i am clearly joking)

    97. Paice Maker

      😹😹😹😹😹 I’m creasing so much! 21:21

    98. Isaac Palomares

      Body guard at 28:08 riding a bike 😂

    99. Barnabas Valenti

      vik bro pls just no

    100. Ashley Prater

      JJ was hammered after the first drink and he has been so drunk the whole video. This video is a banger.