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    The Sidemen to a Mukbang because their other video idea fell apart haha
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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
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    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. iron soldier

      someone put that this hit 1mill likes on jj's reddit

    2. maahjeed123

      sideman amazing race would be mad after the pandemic

    3. Zack Zack

      Vik and Simon forgot and had to go to the stationary shop before calling it lmao

    4. h0ckey_lover_19

      1 mill likes when’s the match

    5. Sarlen chains

      This guy went from roasting chickens to eating chickens.

    6. Qasim Sarwar

      1.2 m likes lads, the time has come

    7. Jackson Jesser

      If they know how to speak in animals then technically people are animals

    8. Jackson Jesser

      Wheres the charity match boys

    9. Davina Gracey

      sidemen fc vs ofb 😂

    10. Gian Luca Mendes

      The thumbnail made me sooo hungry i actually made myself food 😂or well i making it sooo thanks 🙏

    11. emily vincent

      am i the only one still wanting sidemen escape the hounds

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    13. HiSuper Bob

      JJ in 2022: I can knock out a whale

    14. Zara Boateng


    15. Apple Pie

      It got 1mil

    16. Sen

      1.2 mil likes..

    17. Junocity

      7:16 unfunniest sidemen member

    18. Lewis Millington

      Make a video about Who can make the most money and then give it to charity

    19. Tai Bach


    20. V STAN

      Love it when sidemen sunday's involve food

    21. NinjaDom

      Kanye West and drake are terrible artists

    22. Tegan West

      I remember when this video came out, and tbh it’s probably my favourite video of how happy they were together

    23. Srizl.

      My dad has a restaurant called PIRI PIRI Roosters it’s what Tobi got it’s grilled

    24. Charlie Walters

      Was waiting for someone to say Bob Marley best artist/songs.

    25. Your Average Otaku

      ur fans cant give u a 100mil so they gave u 1.2mil subs

    26. look at this dude

      Ethan was meant to get the stinker meal not Toni because Ethan gave up

    27. Tarik Pendic

      anyone else watching this on ramadan

      1. tnkira

        Yesss Ramadan Kareem btw:)

    28. AlphaVi3ion


    29. pogdog

      Ive got a 1 animals that ksi might be able to to take out I've been thinking how about a seal u know like all they can do is really is wim and there pretty big but u could take em out ur welcome ksi

    30. Your dad

      I agree with Ethan @ 31:30 Nothing was the same by drake is easily the best project of our time. Potentially all time

    31. wafa


    32. Sebastian Mudak

      i can take most dogs i rekon ksi would own one

    33. Leon Krasniqi


    34. Darragh Noone

      I thought ksi was going to say that he was the best muscian was himself

    35. Cam Fash

      Where is this charity match then boys

    36. Magic Bear

      Wish I have friends like this just bros being bros

    37. Harrison Deller

      1.2 million likes😃😃

    38. Ali_-

      Pov your here while fasting 😂

    39. Matthijs Beets

      hahaha most likes mukbang ever

    40. hibba ali

      not vikk bringing a pen and jj bringing a chain more expensive them my whole house 😭🤚

    41. Declan Aitken

      It has 1 mil lads charity match coming soon ?

    42. Your Mum

      Them saying it’s a banger because it got 1 mil likes us just liking for charity match

    43. ItsSentrys

      Ehh the green screen didn’t change

    44. LuckyLachie 01

      Well, they hit 1 mill likes. Someone needs to tell them now for a charity match

    45. Einre rxtd

      I'm hungry

    46. Angelo Özenir

      Hide and Seek ??❤️🥰

    47. JMGaming

      Mad how they all laughed thinking this video wouldn't get a million likes lol

    48. outintheseasharkman gi

      Back after Harry's video of ranking vids🔥😂

      1. Harland Drollett


    49. S1Mazza 114

      It’s Ramadan we’re fasting and we need entertainment.

    50. H7

      I got so much respect for JJ but since he started boxing he thinks he is a road/bad man acting like he can fight is he forgetting he grew up with privalages and went to a private school . sounds sooo dangerous

    51. Ethan Watson

      Yo I am watching this for the second time and I have noticed something. Why does vikk keep touching his leg for like the entire video

    52. Zane Palmer

      We did

    53. Naveed Hakimi

      Lads it looks like we’re getting a charity match this year!!!!

    54. Frenchie's Army

      22 million views

    55. Frenchie's Army

      Sidemen Vs grime stars in a song battle

    56. Muhammad Zeeshan

      i dont understand simons show and tell

    57. Smalppman Idk

      18:57 Viks laugh sounded like the ph intro

    58. Kofi Kankam

      I am a Ghanaian

    59. Lee Skilling

      So charity match this summer ??

    60. RakeshSinghBhai


    61. FURBA TAMU

      18:47 harry😂😂

    62. Dela

      Who’s here after Harry’s sidemen tier list

    63. Abbas Parpia

      Whos here from harrys tier list video

    64. Oscar Wotsits

      Harry: this was my video idea Vikk in the video: this was basically Jj’s idea

    65. Jupke 1

      Who is here from w2s rating sidemen video's

    66. Å Ñ Î T Ê J

      1.2 million likes 😍😍😍and 7.1 k dislikes OMG!

    67. HTL

      Bruv they should just call it waffle with the sidemen

    68. Josh Savage

      It has a million likes u better do another match 🙌🏼

    69. bernard hanlon

      Spam ksi Reddit this vids on 1.2 mill likes

    70. BigHomie

      1M 👀

    71. Conbo

      1.2mil likes... When's the charity football match then lads?😂

    72. HEX Alpha

      I like how it says 1.2M likes and there has still not been a sidmen charity match

    73. Raahim shehzad

      Watching this while eating food is the best way to watch it I mean I am on the toilet and having a bad experience soo.....

    74. Shrek is hawt

      33:20 - harry


      Never seen grown men be excited to make a shot with a teddy, how wholesome!

    76. Fernando Alvarado

      musician one is Michael Jackson

    77. Liv Tomlinson

      yeah i’m not mentally stable i cryed over ethans story about his dad 😀

    78. mary riggins

      The worried notebook muhly rush because wine modestly zoom versus a unnatural chicory. learned, enchanting suit

    79. Nullezy Lucas

      Um 1.2m likes

    80. Mahir

      1:01:30 sidemen covid? Is that what harry said or am i going deaf

    81. cydney whitlock

      what is the coolest show and tell like=JJ comment=tobi

    82. Ben Ritson

      “Never getting a million likes on a mukbang” *1.2M likes* 😃

    83. Anime Dream

      Ksi should of said i can take a big cow logan paul

    84. My embarrassing life

      Im just mad that they didnt acc do the greenscreen on the frame that simon brought

    85. Evie Does Everything

      i wonder when the new charity match is ?

    86. Henry O


    87. Jonathan Falcon

      laughing about getting a mil likes on a mukbang when rn it’s at 1.2mil likes

    88. Jasiu Kowalski

      Vik is to funny my guy 😂

    89. Charlie Mcmahon

      So they now have to do the charity match

    90. Morpheus Pubg

      This is amazing because its just more natural and all the sidemen has a entertaining personality.

    91. rodandangela

      I hope they were joking when they said Kanye was best musician ever

      1. Nathan Steele

        Sadly they weren’t

    92. Daisy Kelly

      1 mil likes

    93. RGF

      Was I the only one to notice that in Ethans book it says he is 6 years old? 5:55

    94. Jasper Low

      The wakeful caption considerably rub because mary conventionally record astride a successful karate. quick, zesty bookcase

    95. Syarna Matthews

      The fact this video does have mote than 1 million likes

    96. Erick

      first was KFC now this

    97. Tōm God

      Where’s our Charity Match

    98. Jaxon Searle

      Yesssss they said one mill likes when is FUTY MATCH

    99. Old KSI Videos

      1.2 M LIKES!!!!!