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    This week the Sidemen host a talent show where a load of fans were invited to showcase their best talents!
    Special thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to take part in this, whether you made the video or not, we appreciate you!

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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️

    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● fiblock.infoPlays

    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD

    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● fiblock.infoOlajidebtHD

    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
    ● fiblock.infoPlays

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    1. Shane Hundal

      ngl but jj was acting like Simon on Americas got talent

    2. Nidhin Nk

      harry wipin his tears with a sock😂

    3. Sky

      0:23 right as he did this, he knew, he fu**ed up

    4. Bkx Tuxe

      In the 25 th and 26th minute the sound was gone lol

    5. Erin Jordan

      KSI is the new ✨S I M O N C O W E L L✨

    6. Summers life

      Love how the lads were encouraging and telling him how to break the PC

    7. gianino pattipeilohy

      10:05 better than deji for sure

    8. Joel Thomas

      One of my favourite sidemen videos this

    9. Beast Man Babich 2.0

      The guy with the hulk mask is the best

    10. Maisy Clarke

      i was low-key hyped when i thought harry was gonna do a backflip

    11. Mushroom

      The crocs one tho. 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Mel Vinegar

      37:01 JJ said: "I will say yes if she twerks for us" had me ded for a good minute 😂💀💀

    13. Little Jana

      I don't get the 2:35.. someone explain?

    14. Zac Attack

      36:44 is the best part

    15. Rester

      11:35 bro ethans laugh is literally mutahars lmfao

    16. E Gaming


    17. E Gaming


    18. Seb WillyVlogs

      When Harry jumped 💀

    19. floppa john.

      6:10 isn't this the October guy from memeulous' channel

    20. SytheUT

      35:19 im i the only one that thinks the big brother looks like tommyinnit

    21. Shmuck topia

      the last one is jokes

    22. Sara Hussain

      Sar arms

    23. Terra Snow

      The little boy who sang was so cute.

    24. Tej Harpalani

      F off

    25. Chimmy Chukwuezi

      13:30 "It's a bird! Its a plane! It's... wroetoshaw

    26. Eva Purcell


    27. Da Games

      My talent is cutting my hair 🤣😂😂 The sidemen are Wicked He got a dub 😅🔥🔥😅😅

    28. Vlerke Damne

      21:05 "Oh Jesus Chroiist" 😂

    29. Alles für die Familie

      Nice Hoodie

    30. NAV DHL

      20:31 bit of a violation.

    31. Minecraft.Roblox 247

      Just me waiting for someone to sing harrys og song

    32. caden mackay

      when is the next talent show i wanna show up just to roast ksi

    33. AJS WORLD

      The crocs one was inspirational

    34. Black Mamba

      21:06 imma need that @

    35. Stacks _

      9:52 android user

    36. Manio William

      We need more sidemen talent shows!!

    37. Tulsi Parsons

      Anyone know If Archie has a yt channel

    38. giovanni marinkovic

      Me casualy watching this video a random guy: so my Talent is to go bald. I am dying😂

    39. MKKING_BO55


    40. Evil Miki

      JJ is Simon cowell

    41. ꧁ONION status videos꧂

      22:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Rishabh

      29:48 the most Ethan expresson ever. Hes just like "yea yea this guys SICK"

    43. Raahim shehzad

      Vikk be a Simon

    44. Alice Umukundwa

      ARCHIE FOR THE WIN!!!!!! 29:40 (honorable mention: the blues brothers 35:30)

    45. Ganesha k s

      29:47 everyone just straightened up in their chairs

    46. Aryaman Padia

      something got cut here

    47. Leo Pichett

      30:15, I have no idea what he is talking about.

    48. Lucy Kerr

      pahahahahahahaha the head tilting

    49. MissX Rebekah

      Harry has me in absolutely tears 😂😂😂😂

    50. ShabChow 8————D

      This guy broke his mums laptop just for a crumb of clout.

    51. Fluffy Plays!

      Vikk, Simon and JJ’s side were all singing

    52. Layth776

      Who's here from the "sidemen's got talent" they uploaded in 2021

    53. Angga Patandung

      36:00 is harry is not in the sidemen

    54. Speediaarav

      RIP Lois

    55. Njahira Waiganjo

      I’m in tears laughing😂 12:42

    56. Ella equestrian

      Looked like vik didn’t want to be their so he kinda ruined it

    57. Ashhab Imran

      3:21 my favourite part of the vid

    58. Antti Syrjälä

      28:52 is the greatest magic trick I've ever seen!

    59. Bleh

      Why aren't more people talking about Not3s??

    60. chickonese

      am i the only one who thought that was good asf at 18:40

    61. Storm Ray

      13:22 "I didn't hear a splat it's a no for me" -Simon......I died laughing😂🤣🤣🤣


      The first girl auditioned looks stupid on her song



    64. Harry GW

      29:42 By The Sword by Slash

    65. Pilot David

      KSI face at 19:57 , then 20:00

    66. sliped dollar

      Ethan dont like when someone bully him over his dad people need to understand that its not cool

    67. the running man

      The guitar guy was my favorite part

    68. Brooke McNair

      Kick Ksi he’s a prck someone had to say it

    69. Alexantgamer Rocket league kristensen

      The piano guy part we couldn't hear anything

    70. Sugar And Spice


    71. Geloboi


    72. Wojciech Zawieja

      2:08 I've never seen Josh laughing do much at something

    73. Diddy. DONK

      Who came back here from the most recent Sidemen Sunday?

    74. mohamed gomaa


    75. mohamed gomaa

      حق موكى فين

    76. Michael Simbana

      Here after watching Sidemen’s got talent. 💯

    77. Beulah hmar

      Ethan is so rude

    78. Dylan Campbell

      9:04 wtf

    79. Meru GS

      Video summary: JJ simping.

    80. Fezzyy

      Was that zdotts

    81. UMZ playz

      34:23 the boy with the rubix cube actually did it in 13 or 14 seconds

    82. Ace100it

      13:19 I didn’t hear a splat it’s a no from me. 😂😂😂

    83. Waeel Ali

      wejohfjiohuiewjruioyhwkudghiuyJKBUWEJBFUIO JKIHG mJ JYH BJAWBU Y7GEYGWUY YWQOYUFDUFYWdfOwFDYYWOYF uwfD wyfdok ok guys

    84. Luhx_

      3:10 Thats the guy who shaved is eyebrow for a follow on twitter from ksi its a vid from ksi

      1. Luhx_

        i meant 3:05

    85. harsh patil

      Its sad how many people get messed up cause they are nervous 😭

    86. Ljubej 06

      24:02 beat is goin hardd 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

    87. Arjun Jain

      The guitar guy was sickkk!!!!!

    88. Mr Marci

      Rubik cube is from Hungary and me too

    89. Rony chhabra

      Jj f u

    90. ExPliCt

      Jj is straight up being a

    91. Denis Gasperovich

      The guitar 🎸 act was the best

    92. Abi Edwards

      We need another one of these

    93. King Wolfdz

      Putting KSI in the thumbnail to get views... Dislike.

      1. King Wolfdz

        @Nope gal I checked and its true, but they did it many times... And he was not on the video so i did not watch the video this time only the beginning... I did not saw him, i close the video and dislike.

      2. Nope gal

        i mean ksi is in the video sooo

    94. Jema

      4:57 hit & run mate 🤣🤣

    95. Andy Deppe

      Can we all agree that the true talent was the amount of courage and audacity it took for Vik to wear that lol?

      1. Mogau Kgasago


    96. A.F

      33:04 that person f***ed it up and still acted as if that was the plan

    97. Reckless Bose

      The victorious quotation partly explode because greece angiographically double amid a puzzling dish. certain, fine umbrella

    98. Red maffia gang

      Haha lol

    99. Elliona Howard

      Why is nobody talking about how cute Ethans laugh is at 23:00

    100. deanna

      vikks outfit lmao