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    1. Jxcob

      Can someone explain the Tank joke i didn't Get it?

    2. reliox yt

      People who want jj s Instagram 👇

    3. Marcus Gruma

      Morgz ex girlfriend is such a loser I hate ger

    4. PARZI VAL

      43:43 I cringe so hard when the girl try to roast the man

    5. Trey Stiemsma

      Callum is somehow goated

    6. White Light

      The girl with Tourette’s seemed nice

    7. イタチAdarsh

      sweet anita really has a sweet smile

    8. ZODAC ψ

      can we all agree morgz pissed that keria in this vid ]

    9. A K

      what brand is simon's hoodie?

    10. Asian bro Gon

      That Kiera chick was Morgz’s ex

    11. Hypcro

      Never forget his baffon savita spaghetti hair

    12. joshua carson

      What is it with these guys and talking about head lmao

    13. Everything Rissy

      Jj doing the voiceovers😂

    14. Exitz LOL

      43:47 she was speechless 🤡

    15. Julia Brade

      Chi and Stephen are so cute 🥰


      4:04 I don't get it either

    17. Uzile WILLAMS


    18. yodyosgkxvkshdhd

      The Emma girl pissed me off she's such a chav

    19. Luna Is swag

      Emma is low-key trying too hard .

    20. Jack Schwartz

      I beat Logan Paul🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Francisco Arias

      18:04 brooo no he just went straight up

    22. Jasper Duggan

      Did anyone else see calfreezy slowly pick up the money JJ threw at 2:00

    23. Alpina Rex

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    24. James Smith

      Yo, anyone know where Simon got that hoodie, it’s fire

    25. awiildlucas

      32:06 morgan's biggest L ever

    26. Callum Cooper

      My name is callum and his name is callum?

    27. Jack Davies

      29:20 is the “ I thought pancake day was yesterday “

    28. no more blue states sucks life

      43:39 thank me later

    29. Maddie Frayling

      I would love to do that

    30. Gangri Bagang

      He is ksi

    31. Manish Kumar

      anita was too good.. loved the energy.

    32. Rxptured

      who else remembers keira from Morgues

    33. Awang Adenan

      i come here from tik tok

    34. Orion Corona

      Steven put her in her place 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. alexander labe

      kiera was so cringe

    36. Benjamin Rafeeq


    37. Le_Tiebreaker __

      I did not know english people were so FUNNY 😂😂😂

    38. Christian Machobani

      8:15 killed me

    39. Jøey ØC

      kiera was in it?????? 💀

    40. random shit

      She tried to roast Calum so hard at 43:38

    41. Jaskaran Singh

      What even was this lmao.....

    42. Huzaifa Lulat

      38:15 what did she say

      1. Game Maps

        she definetly said jj and his girlfriend's name

    43. Miner Pigs

      did anyone else just notice the amount of voice cracks jj had (e.g. 38:35) lmao

    44. mystery

      The first girl :the coin is 50/50 Me at that moment wanting to be there to shout :A coin ratio is actually a 49:51 with heads having a 51 % chance of landing

    45. Elijah linkletter barker

      29:59 he should have said im a choufer and i think im looking at my new ride

    46. anaam hana

      A am never watching this chanel becuass it suchs

    47. Jaelon Faultry

      Jj is funny bro

    48. whitexadam

      Steven ain't no simp that's a violation

    49. Alexander Rantzow

      Tobi and Harry being 🐐

    50. Ricard0WasTaken


    51. Arlind Hazizi

      34:50 🤣

    52. Moises Fernandez

      “ I beat Logan Paul” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    53. Jacob Rasmussen

      What a bunch of SOY BOYS... just look at them SIMPING HARD for these second rate chicks

    54. FNSNitro

      I thought they were gonna say Nig yeah u know💀

    55. Bens Dad

      Stephen tries is made for this video

    56. David Akubardiya

      When callux was on his own he was thinking about his life choices

    57. Levashan Subban

      Money cant buy women said jj😅

    58. Failed Abort Sir

      Anyone else with headphones hear some weird static noise ?

    59. sotiris bits

      18:05 😂😂

    60. Cube Pic


    61. Javier Pino

      I still don´t get the joke of stephen about the tank and the taste of women can someone explain me?

      1. Petre Horvat

        Dejis old dog tank had to get put down because he bit a women and Deji was very upset for months so yeah lol

    62. PvP Wannabe

      29:20 respect

    63. Kozerix

      What did she say when it get blacked out

    64. The Supreme Noodle

      10:33 The real question is, did Vikk and Cal subscribe

    65. Erik 12

      Steven going to be the best😂

    66. john5351

      As soon as she said the Wii was a trash console I immediately skipped her

    67. lowi 92

      Why do the second girl have a boyfriend and is in tinder in irl

    68. mentab23

      I dont get the Tank joke

    69. Aga Rahmanov

      5:47 lmao im dying

    70. A A

      The exultant bench serologically order because mirror behaviourally bathe next a unequaled cart. male, military bassoon

    71. Pretty Poison

      If someone ever threw money at me that hard id say no. He seems hella immature. Half these guys are disgusting and clearly don’t know how to treat a lady with respect

    72. FreezeFrameYT

      7:48 *sus*

    73. Augster17

      They should get Harry's sister on here imagine what harry would do

    74. El Chourico

      Late to this but KSI jacket is fire and I can't find it anywhere

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    76. Sup

      We're all here for sweet anita

    77. Mathias Borgli

      kiera and elz is nice

    78. Matis Puaux

      29:23 i thought pancake day was yesterday 😭

    79. finesse

      The watery radar psychophysically deceive because stopsign ordinarily glow apud a awake height. black-and-white, uncovered turnover

    80. T- Rex

      that one there was a violation

    81. Kasper

      Imagine if this video was after the Josh, Freya and Lauren thing

      1. chandler riggs fan

        what happened?

    82. rock-smasher

      How is she gonna say she hit more clips then the tomahawk king

    83. Shinra

      *24:39** Any fitness lover there*

    84. Mathew Albano


    85. Dillon Daswat

      Wait is that morgz ex😂💀

    86. NUFC Browny

      Morgz watching this video 👁 💧 👄💧👁

    87. Broc Mosley

      Doesn’t Kiera have a boyfriend named Caylus

      1. Old KSI Videos

        Yeah she does He even reacted to her going to the shoot

    88. Nicholas Bharrat

      Ur next tinder in real life video should be tik tok or omegle edition

    89. kitty 89

      How the hell did Kira bridget get in this vid

    90. Old KSI Videos

      Most liked sidemen video of all time 1.3 M

    91. Gill B


    92. Kara Wilson

      Holy, I love Anita☺️

    93. Slasher Gamer

      Bari hara mi ho bits

    94. Paul Hammond

      The last girl had me in stitches

    95. PRA N jal

      The first one was sooooooo😂

    96. Liz Matos

      Dude uh uh why would they joke around with Jehova witness I swear omg that is so rude, I am from Jehova witness an that's is offensive

    97. gamer moder

      I watched this vid 5 times and I just realized the tank joke

      1. Milli Dubin

        wait please explain it to me i don't get it

    98. jacqueline astorga

      The fact y’all call her the girl with tourettes is sad HER NAME IS ANITA JESUS

    99. Tom Millard

      I beat Logan Paul - KSI

    100. HLTV Funtime

      JJ said on the first one he said he was twenty six and then the second one he was 25 and then 26 😂😂