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    Another Sidemen Mukbang with a twist. Enjoy!
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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
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    1. Kabugo B

      JJ was destroying the food man

    2. Karl Österberg

      Anyone that finds the ghost

    3. KH47KU

      Did u guys saw at the wall 40:35

    4. Leonardomarroquin _

      Lool at 40:33, ghost in the background on the left in the door

    5. henryh10x_

      15:49 Although I don't practice the religion anymore, my respects goes to Tobi, he took his time to pray after he got his food. It would've been better if the rest of the Sidemen let him pray in peace.

    6. ruqqz

      Who else notices the ghost in the background at 40:34 behind the guy in rainbow shirt

    7. hoang nguyen

      The rigid australian acly mend because dream recently rhyme against a dizzy utensil. confused, overjoyed zebra

    8. AliveJRT3

      ksimon is back

    9. ALFIEZ

      40:35 there is a ghost behind Ethan and vik😮

    10. Anonymous channel

      There’s a ghost in the door next too ethan

    11. Megan K

      why is no one talking about how heartwarming it was seeing Tobi blessing his food

    12. Andrew Butterworth

      40:34 there a mf ghost in the background wtf look to the left of viks head in the door way

    13. The vloggers Liam jack Joseph sunni


    14. LEwis Rose

      Ghost in the background ?

    15. Bigmonkey COck

      vik talks to much

    16. Big Tuna

      Sidemen go to Vegas

    17. VoyaSZN

      40:34 pay attention to the background on the left there’s a ghost play on 0.25 speed aswell

    18. Jack Wood

      Ok what is that behind Ethan at 40:33!

    19. Jimmy Mitchell

      daaaamn boi vik lookin good my man is slick vik

    20. Granga Dang

      What is wrong with JJ's hair 😂😂

    21. Khaled hoblos

      Has anyone seen the ghost 40:33 behind ethan

    22. iamshaggyb

      22:00 is the best part of the video

    23. Kimo Playz

      They turning into the sidebang mukmen

    24. Adam Bagnall

      Everyone please stop the vid at 40 mins and 30 seconds and look at the door between Ethan and Vik, am I the only one who seen that ghost?

    25. Hawkeee

      40:30 theres a ghost!!!

    26. Jamie Wood

      40:33 anyone else see above ethan’s shoulder their is a ghost

      1. Youth Boy


    27. Anthony moreno

      Is that a ghost 40:32 in the door in the back

    28. Ben 5x9


    29. rxyz fn

      Why is no one talking about 40:34

    30. Xrran

      40:32 ghost walks past in the background

    31. Yazmin Cherry

      *Ethan try’s to be funny*

    32. CL.01

      40:34 ghost in the background?

    33. Harry Ford

      Has no one noticed that at 40:34 there is a ghost that goes past the door way behind vik in the back of the shot

    34. Elite SnipeZ

      So at 40:30 we just gonna ignore that ghost figure move past the door

    35. BIGHUDSON 69

      40:34 wtf

    36. kylewostaken

      look at the door behind vik and ethan at 40:34 theres a ghost

    37. Nicholas Windy

      Did any one see a ghostly figure run past at the point 40 31 onward?? I swear it's a ghost

    38. CyberSolo

      Thats cool and relistic green screen... im joking im joking chill out i love sidemen :D

    39. JohnTheSailor29


    40. Miguel Desouza

      ethan's order is someones salary

    41. Adam

      KSI always feels like he has to put on a show. Sometimes I wish he just acted normal.

      1. AntonR Nik

        this is his normal state, whích is what i like about him the most, he's pretty much the same off-camera

    42. Esai Martinez

      They talk too much

      1. AntonR Nik

        it's the point of their mukbang, like a podcast almost, stop complaining

    43. Yadira Arnold

      those who confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord and truly believe in their heart shall be saved turn away from ur sins God has a purpose for ur pain

    44. bigoreoman

      How are these lot thin I had 5 grapes today that's it and I'm twice their size

    45. Nick Mine

      The unbecoming night lastly sail because show visually occur before a thinkable radish. periodic, alcoholic competition

    46. Superbustr

      This video is disgusting! Each one of them is ordering 4x to 8x your average person's monthly grocery bill for one meal.... When more than half of the UK is unemployed and broke cause of covid.

      1. AntonR Nik


    47. Just a Believer

      Sidemen m; Twitter is the worst Also sidemen: 32:55

    48. Abhay Nambiar

      Bruh I am watching this while hungry big mistake

    49. Илья Соломеин

      Русские если вы тут есть то, лайкните мой комент что-бы иностранцы подумали что я что-то умное сказал

    50. Cameron Tucker


    51. Nico G

      bro i come here to have fun not talk about social media and politics

    52. Yeet Yett

      Timestamp 40:34 there’s a ghost

    53. TylerInAction

      Timestamp 40:34 won’t wanna miss it

    54. Dom Scott

      vik ruins every video smh

      1. AntonR Nik

        he carried this one wym, stop complaining

    55. Harry Wolstenholme

      Look in the door way behind ethan 40:34

    56. Alz x

      Simon is beautiful lol

      1. Ptao Tom


    57. Aryan sai

      Bruh how are u supposed to watch people eat some good food for 1hour straight lmao😂

    58. your dad

      I feel bad for Harry he has nothing to eat

    59. Samrat Sarkar

      Harry was being quite(compared to Christmas mukbang vid) and Simon too(specifically).

    60. Big Dog

      1:00:00 private school conversations haha

    61. Jamie Hargreaves

      only vik to go to the fanciest place in london dressed in a royal ravens top

    62. JMGMZ

      Is it just me or does the background look like a green screen when it’s the full picture of the table

    63. Carlos Figueroa

      talking about the sidemen gta videos brings back memories

    64. Blondie


    65. joanna ks

      Who is this at 40.35 passing behind - a ghost?

    66. Xando

      18:01 42:17

    67. Sebb

      Vegan mukbang

    68. Sebb

      Do the cheapest mukbang

    69. Sebb

      I must say, listening to your guy's party stories was soooo entertaining! I would easily listen for 5h with only stories like those ones!

    70. Vini Krasniqi

      is Simon part of the sidemen?

      1. Irrelevant x3.1415

        No hes part of beta squad

    71. Abdul1s Launcher

      4:52, OGs will know, him making light saber sound.

    72. Wunderkind


    73. Prince P

      The tricky pea effectively mourn because click internally bow onto a enchanted star. numerous, ultra cockroach

    74. Solomon Cisneros

      Vikstar talking about going to Mars: "Youre not going to die, but its going be tough" XD

    75. Roco Taco

      Poor vik had to watch everyone eat while he had to wait

    76. Trix

      Nah fam I’m hungry now

    77. TheMajesticFlow

      That quality tho

    78. Muhammad Raihaan Musharraf

      Man, respect for that waiter.

    79. Sami Sellam

      Simon talked way too much

    80. KyleT0928

      5:11, 6:10 and 6:57 are my favorite parts.

    81. Ubaid Ali

      Anyone else see the ghost behind vik go past the door at 40:35

    82. Blake Chase

      Tobi and Josh can read each others mind 22:33

    83. Trystan

      Harry and his liquid calories

    84. Finnan Ryan

      They neeeeeeeed another sidemen house

    85. Stop blahda

      Am I the only one that cringes when they all go at jj every time he opens his mouth

    86. Avinash

      This was like a podcast but more entertaining

    87. Jay Clark

      Harry the only one who don't pay taxes but he's always the stingiest because he's spent all his M's on drugs, shot out fiend he is

    88. Hunter

      seeing them talk about travelling really pisses me off since im trapped in the middle east

    89. Finnan Ryan

      Ethan lookin pail af

    90. fanboy editor

      This was basically just a sidemen podcast while eating food non of us could afford 😅

    91. MrChristianCooll

      make a sidemen podcast channel instead of doing Sidemen reacts. that would so sick. i would listen or watch it all day long

    92. Fleck VII

      I like JJ's new hair


      Ksi being an old man with a weird acc.....

    94. Exo

      sidemen should play rust and do a 7 man group ez lol

    95. Tomić Dimitrije

      do next most expensive smoothie challenge

    96. Jacob Skorpen

      18:01 that Voice crack doe😂

    97. 0ptix

      who thinks that the sidemen need a podcast

      1. Nathan Riley

        Nah because stuff like this is pretty much a podcast and this is one of there less viewed videos so they should just stick to what they’re doing because they’re killing it out here

    98. Call Sign Ace

      heres a idea sidemen karaoke

    99. Clayton Lytle

      The sidemen: laughing about buying a £600 bottle of champagne Me if I bought it: pleading the company to give me a refund so I don't go into a negative balance on my card. 😂

    100. Triston FPS X

      The most virgin group on yt