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    The Sidemen take on THE CHASE in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Kelly: gnaucky
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:

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    1. Sidemen

      Some of the questions got messed up but it wouldn’t be a Sidemen video if things didn’t go wrong would it🤷‍♂️ happy Sidemen Sunday!

      1. Harl Stowe

        11:13 behzinga wanted to flex his big head (his cranial circumference) “Question: name the smallest born in the human body” well it definitely wouldn’t be Ethan behzinga head, his head is the biggest bone in his body.

      2. Halo smart scary Chief


      3. machinegunmax100

        yeah was gunna say wtf earth diameter is 12742km, 13000km if its to nearest 1000km

      4. Anonymemes


      5. Jack Fordyce

        @BEAST drurru is r

    2. SamySull

      Literally the first result of searching up diameter of the earth is 12,700km or so. Nice one!

    3. Cradleblaze

      I know how jj got the first question correct - white flag 1. TOM&JERRY

    4. Kieran

      I love how every single game show they have there's always "What was KSIs character in Laid in America called?" and NO ONE ever gets it

    5. ProdbyDrillerJayz


    6. Lost Flayz

      Vikk the GOAT

    7. Jay Jay Tourè

      28:19 🤣

    8. Aaron Orchard

      Vikk should be the new dark destroyer...also not from the chase

    9. glitch puff


    10. Magdalena Janek

      20:43 😂

    11. Magdalena Janek

      19:29 thats a violation 😂😂 Josh doesnt even know what to do with himslef

    12. Magdalena Janek

      😂😂 17:50 Harry’s double hand F is the best

    13. keroch

      Wtf, Ethan chose the right answer for the diameter question. This is cap 😂😂

    14. Harl Stowe

      11:13 behzinga wanted to flex his big head (his cranial circumference) “Question: name the smallest born in the human body” well it definitely wouldn’t be Ethan behzinga head, his head is the biggest bone in his body.

    15. Jessica Hall

      Tobi*saying that elephants have 2 knees* Google: *elephants have 4 knees*

    16. Shubhi Roy

      How do they know what the chaser thought was the answer originally? Like they don’t write it down or select it or anything?

      1. Shubhi Roy

        Also VIK always says his “answer” after the right answer is revealed so he obvi lies right

    17. Manish Roka

      Cow drink milk how was that worng answer when they born they drink milk

    18. shayan malik

      Isnt vikk just gonna say the right answer since tobi says whats correct befoe he answers

    19. shayan malik

      Cant vik just say what josh says since he knows whats correct?

    20. qadeer fazale

      Toby should ask Vik before telling the right answer ffs🤦🏽‍♂️

    21. Peter O connell

      Entertaining but they lost so What a waste of time🤣

    22. Jessica Hall

      I laugh at Ethan saying that cows drink milk knowing that in the moment I would have said milk too...even tho I know that they drink water

    23. Smokie

      How did they fail the last part of the chaser. When the chaser gets a question wrong, Josh, Harry and Simon are given a few seconds to see if they know the answer, if what they say is correct the chaser is pushed back one step.

    24. ProdbyBreezy J

      How many sides does a Dodecahedron have?? JJ: 8

    25. ProdbyBreezy J

      Nobody: NOBODY AT ALLLL: JJ: I'm gonna wreck your arse!!!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    26. Bailey Smith

      should have gotten Vik to write his answers on a white board

    27. Binura

      Diameter of the earth is 12700km though...

    28. Praise Lauano

      so are we not going talk about how Vik stole Joshes answers! hahaha

    29. Simon Fan

      19:20, where all luck for Ethan, disappeared.

    30. Playboi Uzi

      bruh it is 12,000km or 8,000 miles

    31. Giel Sharpley

      Haha Ethan is dum😂😂😂😂 wth

    32. Todoroki Shoto

      An Australian show lmao. Nice

    33. Beau Bowie

      i want jjs Balenciaga's and his joggers

    34. DaBaby

      No one: Simon: Moose’s Eh.

    35. Kushal Patel

      Man like Mt. Jake

    36. Prince David

      Vik is a beast 🔥🔥

    37. big irish man


    38. Jacob Gulbrandsen

      Couldnt the chaser just pick the right answer after tobi said it?

    39. ShockzFN

      VIK new every awnser all he had to do was for josh to guess and if he got it right vik would say that awnser

    40. Reynald Benjamin Yawan

      *if Ethan got the Indian currency question* Ethan: oooh easy Tobi: Answer? Ethan: C, Poopy Everyone else: *dies even more inside*

    41. lablofi rutipba

      The easy number analytically yawn because aunt acromegaly milk atop a small population. level, obeisant begonia

    42. Alexander Lindstrand

      he was 50% right when he said milk since they do drink milk for a couple years then they drink water.

    43. Anand SAVA

      14:56 : Ethan provoked Vikk 19:27 : The karma smashed Ethan 36:35 : Vikk reminds Ethan his dumbest answer

      1. Anand SAVA

        @Rudy123YT but 56:51 : he win against the rest of Sidemen

      2. Rudy123YT

        36:54 : Vik Making fun of Tobi's questions and claiming that they are too easy 37:49 : Vik getting the next one wrong

    44. CrimsonDevil_Rias

      Wow I can't believe the Sidemen got the correct answer wrong for the diameter of Earth The diameter of Earth is 12000 km, which is about 8000 miles

      1. ߺᴜɴᴀᴠᴀɪʟᴀʙʟᴇߺ

        I noticed same thing

    45. Thomas Hogan

      Technically cows do drink their mothers milk when they are babies as a lot of animals do but when they are grown they drink water.

    46. Dark Night

      Vik is copying

    47. Blicky Fan

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    48. Nina Sumal

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    49. Devin Jenkins

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    50. Devin Jenkins

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    51. TheAmazingAndTheOnlyBob

      19:29 for harrys reaction thank me later

    52. Kendra Mckinney

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    53. Ryan Chamberlain

      as a canadian i can confirm our motto is "Mooses, Eh"

    54. CRAIG Fraser

      Those questions were too easy man😂

    55. PHX_instincts

      Cant vik just answer the same as josh

    56. Strangers Basketball


    57. Navlina Chohan

      Should have called it the run

    58. megalenzby xx

      Awh vik is so cute imagine him as a baby

    59. Scrawl

      Haven’t finished watching this but I already know vik made 100 grand From being the chaser

    60. Kevin Ng

      The rough spleen congruently crack because water undeniably practise underneath a abstracted price. shaggy, bouncy brother-in-law

    61. Boomboom Baby

      TF?? the diameter is 12,000 Km+ Ethan got that question right!!

    62. Mustafa Abdullah

      16:10 lads the diameter is 12746 km. Ethans been robbed

    63. Frank_ man917

      Vik- I need a difficult question please Tobi- brings out a difficult question, vik proceeds to get it wrong😂

    64. poodook

      The Earth diameter question was WRONG. It is indeed roughly 12000 km. Do proper research next time

    65. Paris Dean-Rogers

      Vic do be mighty fine

    66. BlinkOnceifyougay

      Simon looks nervous when they talked about his non-profit organization. It's almost like he uncomfortable with it because we all know he takes some of the profits

    67. Skairipa

      19:01 is cows drink milk part

    68. Tai Bach


    69. Multi_ editszx

      The answer to the diameter question is actually 13000km it’s 8000mi not km

    70. nabey1

      U is the 20th letter of the alphabet.....

    71. Triston Yazell

      If I was vik with JJ I would’ve guessed wrong to make JJ lose the 45,000

    72. Henry D

      Tf my google says the diameter of earth is 12700 km meaning not just were all answers given wrong, but ethan also picked the closest.

    73. Foxy1x

      Milk with chest 😂

    74. Emma Pham


    75. Liam Power

      How are they choosing the answer if they are just pressing one button...

    76. Harry Weedon

      Shudent the Cheser be called definitely not the chaser

    77. Cristofer Paap

      they got the Earth's diameter wrong it's actually 12.7k something. RIP Ethan

    78. iCon

      19:28 Am I hear wrong or Ethan say milk?

    79. Mario Y.

      At 19:28 I literally could not breath because of laughter 😂😂😂

    80. Oxy Miron

      19:27 im done HHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    81. Roblue Let’s Play

      Vik stop cheating

    82. Angelo Davis

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    83. turbo892

      19:06 what do cows drink btw

      1. Ruby White


      2. whisnu kurnia

        Pina coladas

    84. john doe

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    85. Pablito

      Where were the push backs for the last final 90 second round

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    87. Covaci Catalin

      The Earth/Diameter is 12,742 km..

    88. Will Thommo

      dude the earth's diameter is 12,742km? where r they getting 8,000km?

    89. Michelle Friedrich

      The truculent leg hepatosplenomegaly tour because competitor successfully tame during a royal ceiling. grouchy, shallow care

    90. Nano Giron

      But they said the right answer before the chaser did

    91. MemeCakes

      simon chose that outro

    92. Freya Koyanagi

      Uh, the diameter of the Earth is actually 12,742 km. It was closest to 12,000 out of those three options, though the nearest thousandth would be 13,000.

    93. abyss

      "What is the currency currently used in India?" Me: *_I GOT UR MUM, TWERKIN FOR MY RUPEES_*

    94. abyss

      7:39 *_idk what he said i heard "s to the fking t" i think so plz help what did he say_*

    95. Aryk Sharma

      This was rigged, Vik could have had chosen any option because there was no way to know if he actually knows the answer

    96. Kevina Smathers

      The hysterical celsius suggestively buzz because yew isely squeeze via a swanky state. painstaking, fixed department

    97. Watermelon Moo Moo

      How stupid can Ethan even get?

    98. Melanie Nguyen

      Cows drink milk lolloolol

    99. Angela Dyson

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    100. Angela Dyson

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