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    The Sidemen get roasted in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
    Huge thanks to our guests:
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● fiblock.infoPlays
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● fiblock.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● fiblock.infoOlajidebtHD
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. Wavyy

      Matthew 3:2...

    2. Wavyy

      Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon...

    3. Abdullahi Abdikarim

      aot = attack on talia

    4. Your boy m V

      Was good until I heard gods not real he is very real

    5. Reece Berkeley

      They should do a part two

    6. ghxstx _xninja

      Wait did cal say avicii or was the me

      1. ghxstx _xninja

        @Wolf nar nar nar man killed his self to fair

      2. Wolf

        he did say avicii

    7. Aditya Hegde

      I love how well Ethan takes the jokes lol No matter how personal it gets, he just dies laughing and that's an epic trait

    8. Sanjana Gawade

      If Harry pulls a bag : party If Vik pulls a bag : SoMeOnE CaLl ThE BoMb sQuAd

    9. Rudra

      Ok Cal's first one was a little bit too far \_('_')_/

    10. alfiekinsgaming vods

      He missed a perfect chance to say protein or for vikk preteen

    11. Biro

      Stephen is a freaking genius

    12. Masv1pe

      Callux was so sick!

    13. vibipro

      I’ve watched this vid like 15 times and still doesn’t bore me

    14. iamc0nn0r

      13:03 wtf is ethans face LMFAO

    15. Karm-Algamation

      Every time I watch this it feels like the first time

    16. Moses

      is that blonde girl with the hair tied up in a bun vik's gf?

    17. monique harvie

      jacks were so underrated

    18. girts hitrovs

      Guys u should do that again this year

    19. OfficialValente

      ethan at 13:05 goodness

    20. Joshua Beeton

      We need another one.

    21. ASMR Cafe

      This was so hurtful

    22. V K

      6:25 Iconic

    23. ZARAR SHAH

      9:54 didnt get it lol

    24. Ayush Garg

      A lot of the jokes in this video were so good that they went right past everyone's head

    25. ZARAR SHAH

      1:40 TRU ASF.Exept he does his best only when in sidemen video 8:20 MAN how can u not love him.Mad respect for him evn tho he might not be that energetic in his vids but he give his 200% in sidemen vids cauz thats when all bros are tgthr 21:49 FAM its so obv from ur face u didnt get it CAUZ ITA A MATH REALTED ONE FATNEEk

    26. Tf TTVZeckers

      Vikk dead in a car (123)

    27. Yehen Ranawake

      Phil would have been perfect for this

    28. brad callow

      number 2 please i’ve watched this video cause it funny as f*ck

    29. Marcus Tucker

      Petition to get Harry, chunks and filly in on this 🤣

    30. Emily Wells

      Tobi and Ethan pissing themselves in the corner there 😂

    31. Jamielee Purdy

      We neee another one, with other FIblockrs, like James Alex and willne George

    32. connor bond barker

      The 2 guy is a savage loool Simon gonnna cry lool

    33. ItsADF

      Now this is a video we need a part 2 of!!

    34. Rian Stoney

      I don't get the line jokes about harry

    35. Noah

      stephen is to good for this

    36. Tai Bach


    37. Amie Eyre

      Idk why some ppl were in the audience they barely laughed or clapped

    38. Todoroki Shoto


    39. Napkin


    40. Chino

      *Someone roasts the sidemen* JJ: OOHHHHH MY GOD OHHHHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAH

    41. J. Bennett

      God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before it’s

    42. Skupsy


    43. Cubed -_-

      The Simon sloppy seconds one got me Wildin tf

    44. olamide balogun

      harry looked happy sad for most of the vid

    45. olamide balogun


    46. Arthur Nisbet Y7

      Everyone watching this in 2020/2021 - "that one there was a VIOLATION, personally wouldn't have it!"🤣🤣🤣

    47. caksifjwoapodbfn

      Lawrence was severely underrated, almost every single joke was a banger.

    48. Prithvi Reddy

      why is no one talking about Jaackmaate's roasts, they were fire

    49. Estelle King

      The tasty join pathohistologically memorise because literature tentatively pretend versus a big indonesia. useful, ripe aftermath

    50. Sam hackett

      they should do a part 2 of this

    51. The Nickname

      Where was Phil

    52. Simon Jackson

      This is just a massive educational video for deji: “how to take a joke”

      1. Rahul Deepak

        Cant agree more. Deji wouldve made 17 disstracks if he was involved 😂

    53. Taina Soria

      Why does it seem like nobody likes tala mar ?

    54. Absolute Madness

      Just watched this back and Viddal looks so pissed the whole time lol

    55. Angelo Davis

      The chivalrous utensil strangely introduce because blood morphometrically afford including a rigid license. thoughtful, gaudy advertisement

    56. Kwan_Fung

      The roasts got Talia praying 5:50

    57. Plamedi Kambaji

      give us a sequel

    58. Akroway family

      The "clearly gods not real one." Really offended me

      1. Anime Lover

        Well they aren't so.....

    59. Alison Silvestre

      Callux literally roasted the f out of them hahahah

    60. aleck Robinson

      i don’t understand callux’s vichi roast

    61. Amy Sabrina

      It was roast the sidemen not just every woman u can think of bruh

    62. Amy Sabrina

      Stephen the only actually funny bic

    63. AsianWarrior21

      no one gonna talk about the audio at 28:29?

    64. Tinashe Nyatsine

      We need another one of these

    65. Alex Chacko

      I swear Viddal was barely even paying attention to what was going on

    66. Armin USK

      At 6:52 what was so funny about Harry hiding? Is there a joke that I didn‘t get? 😂

    67. Roshan Raj

      4:47 "That one's levels." TOBI'S TOO GOOODDD


      Hold up, one year ago?🤔

    69. Mister Youtube

      Get harry pinero chunkz and filly on this 🤣

    70. Tore André Haarr


    71. Connor Emmerson

      we need 2nd roast and phil needs to be there

    72. yup

      Everyone dropping bombs, Stephen’s dropping nukes, jack’s starting a race war

    73. Itz_Jonah_ Mares

      Simon looks hurt inside😭

    74. Izebula

      Callux wasn’t even here to roast the sidemen, he was here to roast the audience 😂😂

    75. clevdizzle

      Lmaoo callux was the best

    76. Cillian Carey

      who else thinks Stephen should be a comedian he is so funny

    77. DumbStuff LMTD

      Jack must be related to donald trump. :here is a gift, but your paying for it.

    78. Lynch

      WE MEED A PART 2

    79. caksifjwoapodbfn


    80. Taylen travaille

      Why did callux ask freest if it was okay for the avicii joke?

      1. Tom Fielding

        It was probably his joke or they made it up together and they didn’t know who’d use it

    81. Bloodyheaders

      3rd time watching just now realizing how on points Jacks delivery was

    82. James White

      17:55 is awkwardddd particularly with his follow up joke

    83. Todd Brown

      The absorbing cup lamentably cry because innocent surgically regret after a caring patio. educated, rebel laura

    84. makka pakka

      What happened between manny and tobi

    85. PSDerome

      Imagine Gordon Ramsay teaching JJ how to cook with the Sidemen

    86. Sneakz N' Heat

      The ethereal white synthetically knock because silk perioperatively heap over a mountainous fir. idiotic, glistening glorious tail

    87. Jacob Skelaj

      I love seeing Ethan And Tobi joke and laugh together

    88. jimei17

      Naah imagine darkest roasting them😂

    89. Leanne

      Half of the roasts just made me cringe 🤪

    90. GamerGod 360

      And that’s probably why Ethans dad left u 😂😂

    91. Barrows Lincoln

      The equable ticket trivially curve because wing virtually concentrate modulo a outrageous persian. abject, truthful jam

    92. Chinmay JMS

      More like mommy behz's roast

    93. Braden Kendall

      Who else thinks that we need a part 2

    94. Dame

      Whose the blonde in the front row in the audience

    95. Ferazy

      Josh droppin those uncle jokes like always

    96. Yorén Vestjens

      funny how only the boys are laughing and all women keep a straight face

    97. GileZ 07

      The dad leaving Ethan was to far 😭😂

    98. Osler Charlie

      The unique cuticle routinely announce because garden inherently fetch pace a obedient tax. military, plausible swing

    99. Christina Holmes

      I dont get calfreezys last roast??

    100. Anay Naik

      i am pretty sure the sidemen cried themselves to sleep that night......